Good bye pleasure: B. J. Blazkowicz is in the newest part of Wolfenstein it again. But unlike previous versions, the story does not play in World War II. After this Wolfenstein The New Order Download awakens the protagonist in a ruled by the Nazis world. So worse is no longer! By the action developed by the studio Machine Games and distributed by Bethesda Softworks continuing theme as it were, an alternate history that is comparable, for example, Philip K. Dick's novel The Man in the High Castle. Many other free shooter for download are far less demanding in this respect.

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Wolfenstein The New Order Download Germany in a modified version

Fortunately, one might say, the protagonist concludes B. J. Blazkowicz, who also in previous FPS games to Castle Wolfenstein (1983) to Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory was there (2003), the winds stand fighters on. As a US soldier, he was no less than 14 years in a coma and wakes up in The New Order in 1960 - the only difference is that "the regime" has not been defeated. As with its predecessors, the first-person shooter has been changed slightly compared to the international version. The reason: Under Section 86s Penal Code labeling unconstitutional organizations is punishable in Germany. Therefore, in the German version is only talk of "regime" when actually the Nazis are meant. According to the publisher, the violence did not have to be defused. Nevertheless, the uncut international version can not be activated or start from an Internet access from Germany to the mandatory to run the game online platform.

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Known dubbing in Wolfenstein

In some ways, the game still remains authentic. Thus, the German-born characters speak for example, in the English version in German language and are subtitled in the game. Many famous voice actresses and voice actors have lent their voice for this, including Nina Franoszek (known from Mad Men), Norbert Weisser (Breaking Bad) and Torsten Voges (The Big Lebowski). The German actor and director Thure Riefenstein was hired as a performance capture actor and voice actor. The seventh part of Wolfenstein is the first part of a series, is not actively involved in the id Software in the development. Apart from Wolfenstein The New Order download for Windows PCs there's the game for various game consoles, for example, for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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Successful continuation of the Wolfenstein series With The New Order of the developer creates a successful continuation of the Wolfenstein series on the table. The story is enigmatic, the characters as authentic as in a first-person shooter now comes times.