Audiosurf 2023


Of the Audiosurf download brings a rhythmic and extremely funny racing game on the computer. Cruising on one’s favorite music is the motto. The race track – and hence pace and demands of Games &# 45; generated by the music. Musical racing fun guaranteed.

Individual races according to their own music with Audiosurf download

Car races, rallies, motorcycle races – racing game software for free download, there are a dime a dozen. But that is new here: By Audiosurf download is not just a spaceship-like vehicle on a virtual racetrack cleverly. The race track is generated depending on the selected music. However, before you can send to a rhythmic race driving his spaceship, some preparation is necessary. First, the Steam setup offered here needs to be downloaded. Then demanded Steam then creating an account before the demo version of the spaceship race can be started.

Audiosurf download

Gameplay of the racing game is produced by music

The principle of the game is simply brilliant and just as simple. Of the Player chooses a song, after which he wants to play. The game supports songs from audio CDs as well as files from the hard disk or iTunes. The following file formats can be integrated after the download of Audiosurf:

  • MP3
  • OGG
  • FLAC
  • WAV
  • M4A

Download Audiosurf gameplay

On the basis of this selected piece of music is now the route for the colorful spaceship ride results. Say, the Title generates the racetrack and determines when and how quickly turn up the colored blocks on the track. Musical boundaries, there are those who want to play for electric, rock, pop or rather hit or love song no, – no problem. However, should a ballad by James Blunt, of course, be much less exciting than a round of Through the Fire and Flames by Dragonforce. Incidentally, not all blocks that always appear in the rhythm of the song, points that need to be collected. Some – namely the gray stones – you should drive around prefer. As results if necessary can also store online, to Audiosurf-crazy can always compete against each other. The Leaderboard community In any case already full to bursting and waiting for the next high score.


Audiosurf Download Community

Handling and graphics of Audiosurf

The vehicle, reminiscent of the look and hovering of a spaceship can be directed through the keyboard, mouse or gamepad via the route. The Graphic spacey held of the game varies depending on the song. On white or black background a line is drawn, which is breathed thanks to the many colorful elements properly life. Both graphics as menu and are quite successful and emphasize the fun factor that is so instrumental triggered by the music. Racing game action after his favorite songs That fast-paced racing games do not always have to be accompanied with annoying engine noise to create tension, Audiosurf shows all too well. After own music on the racetrack tear is just as appealing. A game that you have to have tried it out carefully!