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Calendar with KW

Of the Calendar with KW Download proves especially useful when you agreed important dates with friends, colleagues or craftsmen who are to take place in a given calendar week of the year. We provide a calendar with calendar weeks of the year 2015-2019 in PDF format.

In business, there gang and: Calendar with KW Download

Especially in the business world, it is common that the 52 (or 53) weeks of the year are numbered correctly as calendar weeks. For the calendar week the abbreviation KW stands. In the week-numbering, there are different definitions, there may be different the first week of the year, depending on the applied rule. According to ISO standard 8601 calendar weeks have seven days start on a Monday and are numbered consecutively.

As Week 1 of the year that which contains the first Thursday applies. Thus has a calendar year either 52 or 53 calendar weeks. The latter is the case when starting a year with a Thursday or ends. There are also leap years of 53 weeks. This either start on a Wednesday and end on a Thursday or they start with a Thursday and conclude with a Friday. It should be noted that the 29, 30 and 31 December can belong to the Week 1 of the following year already. It is also possible that the 1st, 2nd and 3rd January, the last week of the previous year are awarded.

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Calendar with KW Download

Reliable calendar with KW for appointments very important

This standardization prevented in the business world can misunderstandings. If an appointment in a particular KW agreed, is clear about is what the calendar week of the year for everyone involved. Unfortunately, many calendars without the award of KW or do not comply with the common ISO standard. Therefore, it is important to really have a reliable calendar with KW on hand at appointments. Who wants to look up the KW an event that uses the Web service Thomas Lemme. The WebApp shows the calendar week all days of the years 1950 to 2049. A click on the desired year and all calendar weeks are shown in an overview. The current calendar week will be highlighted in each color.

Calendar with KW Download webapp

Annual calendar with calendar weeks from 2015 to 2019 in pdf format

We have created an annual calendar with calendar weeks of the year 2015-2019 in PDF format for quick reference. This allows the user to print out and place it next to the computer or hang on the wall. With the calendar with KW download you always have a reliable calendar with KW The Next year at hand. Who besides the traditional calendar is looking for a reminder to free download, will find this in our comprehensive software offering.

Calendar with KW Download PDF