Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 2023

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016

the Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Download is ready for 30 days as a trial version to try out. The proven presentation program provides 2,016 number of interesting new features in the latest version of PowerPoint.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Download: Test the presentation program for free

It is a 30-day trial of Office 365 Home, which includes Office 2016 versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. The Office 365 trial subscription also includes the Office Mobile apps and 1TB OneDrive cloud storage per user for up to five users. Very useful is the ability to share with the clever cloud support presentations created online with colleagues in the office.

PowerPoint 2016 DownloadMicrosoft PowerPoint 2016 Download: The new presentation program 30 day free trial. Source: Microsoft

Optimized Version History in PowerPoint 2016 available

Produce presentations that are saved by default online on OneDrive or SharePoint. In this way, several people can work together in real time to the business presentations and best track of all changes of colleagues. The optimized version history of PowerPoint 2016, and earlier drafts can be called up again. In synchronous work each user adds on request next to the film or comments to respond to this.

Integration of Skype for interoffice cooperation

In the new PowerPoint 2016 Download the updated interface and the integration of Skype for interoffice cooperation makes a positive impression. The user has the option to choose from several proposals for the design of Microsoft PowerPoint 2016th A helpful wizard is the office worker when working on presentations to help.


PowerPoint 2016 Download Zoom functionSections or sheets can be enlarged or reduced. Source: Microsoft

Morphing feature with film-like animations

With PowerPoint Mobile App, you can edit impressive presentations also via smartphone or tablet and access documents in the cloud. With the PowerPoint designer of user created high-quality presentations, adding pictures or videos, it can even produce film-like animations with the new morphing function.

Application for Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 download required

Our download link points to the official Microsoft site. There is Office 365, including the Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Download for free download. The trial version can be tested for 30 days. Who 2016 features is convinced of the new PowerPoint and after the test phase PowerPoint 2016 and would like to use the other Office 2016 applications, closes for 10 euros a month a subscription and can this also cancel at any time again. Other Office programs and tools for presentations for free download are included in our well-stocked software catalog.