Weight Diary 2023

Weight Diary

In the weight diary Health conscious monitor the development of their body mass. This does the freeware in the form of Access databases that can be created separately for more than one user.

monitor the body weight with the weight diary download

For each user you deposited general information such as height, age and weight at the beginning of the records in the weight diary. Furthermore, there are data fields that receive figures on the amounts of fat, muscle, bone and water of the total weight. After this Weight Diary Download and the installation will first be asked when the program starts before selecting whether a new diary created or want to open an existing one.

Weight Diary Download

Create new weight diary

The user clicks on a new diary, returning a file name for the MDB file. After that, the user interface of the weight diary can be seen. First, some fields must be filled in. In case you select person noted his own name, the start date of Auzeichnungen in the format DD.MM.YYYY, age, height and weight at the beginning of the measurements in kilograms.

The diary also holds the fat and muscle percentages

Top right of the program window you can see a calendar. The user clicks it on any day and can to enter the weight that indicates the scale known relentless. Who wants to watch more details over the records and compare, are in addition to the regular fat percentage, muscle percentage, bone work and the water content. The values ​​are selectively retained in kilograms or percent. Click on Save the values ​​are transferred to the statistics. Anyone who has made a mistake, can click Delete, and changing the numbers.

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Informative diagrams illustrate the weight changes

The weight diary download provides the ability to add additional information about diet, exercise and diet in three text windows. A transfer from the last entry here available on request in order to spare for recurring memos typing. The diary shows the average body weight in the last four weeks, and in several charts the trend of last week, the last month or the entire year. The records can also lead over periods of several years. Here stands for the entire period is also a graph of the weight changes are available. Other programs in the field of health are available in our software catalog for free download.

Weight diary download charts