Word Brain

Those who want to distribute cold winter days and long waits, should the Word Brain App bring on his smartphone or tablet. The puzzle app starts very simply so that even children can play along at first. But the complexity is increasing and it even word genius in front of "almost" unsolvable puzzle.

Word Brain App for persistent Knobel Friends

This app is one of the latest in the cold season for smartphone feature in all Knobel friend. Especially when it's out properly icy or wet cold and dark - you can do it with the right evening employment also home cozy. Newsstand are as a welcome change from the boring television program. Who also happy times brings his brain to glow, will have true joy with the Word Brain Android application. The developers of MAG Interactive has thus succeeded a tricky word puzzles. For what initially begins as a "foolproof" game, gets at the end of a complexity at which one or the other teeth is a hard nut.

Word Brain AppThe Word Brain app itself brings word genius sweat

The game is also available for iOS, but here is the free download of Android version. There is also the game in 15 different languages.

Gameplay of Word Brain Android

A total of 580 levels are waiting for the Sudoku friend that are increasingly complex and difficult. The individual levels are presented with animal name, it begins with ant with an array of four letters. Later, the Level turtle, sheep, shark, crab come etc. The fields are then getting bigger, so that only longer and then more and more words must be found. Did you discover hidden words, it dissolves by wiping your finger over the letters. The words are hidden either from top to bottom and vice versa, from right to left and left to right and diagonally - that is similar to a grid puzzles.

Word Brain App LevelThe level of Word Brain become more complex

Assistance in the word game app

The gameplay is simple, but the larger the fields are, the more tricky the whole thing. Especially since even joins a stumbling block that raises the level of play again: The order in which we find the words, is crucial to clear the entire field at the end.

To help the user is not so insanely much available. One clue is the word length is displayed below the game. White players in the Word Brain App're stuck, he can give a tip to also. Unlike some other thinking games downloads will be rather stingy here with the assistance, so you should handle it sparingly.