Not without reason is one of the Cropping motifs to the key disciplines in the field of image processing, the sometimes designated professionals prepares headache. Especially the dissolution of fine structures - such as hair, fur or feathers - from the image background is often anything but trivial. Here CutOut offers its helpful services.

CutOut download as a professional free parking assistants

For adoption CutOut this one method called "Chroma key Matting". This originates from the film industry and is mainly suitable for Cut, where the background is solid and quite separate from the subject. Since these conditions are not always met in photography, the provider designed this tool at CutOut flexible and above all for beginners and semi-professionals to handle.

Mark outer and inner edge of the motifs exactly

For highlighting one marked by the CutOut download and the installation in a first operation, initially as exactly as possible, the outer and the inner edge of the relevant subject, for which the polygon tool proved in the test as well suited. Although this processing step increases depending on the subject some time, but he should be given some care, as defined herein with CutOut the later semi-transparent screen. Assuming here too rough to work, and the free parking a result turns out unsatisfactory.

move individual pixels from the foreground to the background

However, already shows that CutOut quite mastered his craft here, because even the fine structures of the spring can be very well recognized and isolated from the background. Rework or multiple approaches to the selection sits, does not take one and the free parking helper completely. Who takes it very well may even move individual pixels from the foreground to the background and vice versa ...

CutOut download

Retouching tools for image editors

Who is finally satisfied with his CutOut clipping paths, so the extracted subject builds in an additional step directly into a new background and so created photomontages. Retouching tools such as the clever etcher, artifacts and a brush layer management facilitate rework here.

Additional product and Elements versions of CutOut

The Pro versions of CutOut also score with another Image optimizers and functions. Here should be mentioned as a Entrasterung for scans, retouching tools for blemishes and noise reduction. In the Elements Edition, however, several of these filters are not included, this edition does not work as a plugin. By the way, is the full version: CutOut with less functions now as a free full version for download. Other programs in the field of image processing are available in our software catalog for free download. CutOut provides image editing beginners convenient operation A certain effort remains - yet the crop with the CutOut download is easier going out of hand, as for example with professional tools brand Adobe Photoshop. The price is also settled a lot lower, and also tools for image optimization are included. Therefore you will safely access the addressed beginners and semi-professionals. Plus point: Those who work with Photoshop or its little brother Adobe Photoshop Elements, CutOut binds as a plug in there.

Limitations of CutOut

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