Charging ALDI TALK credits - Here's How! 2023

Charging ALDI TALK credits – Here’s How!

Prepaid ALDI TALK credit is charging possible in different ways, even if no branch is nearby. Inform now & more talk! First pay, then talk, and the whole thing without any nasty surprise at the end of the month: This payment conditions have made prepaid mobile phones especially popular since their introduction in adolescents. Due to the strong competition and ever cheaper rates, the contract unbound SIM cards appeal to more and more intensive users. The SIM card of the discounter ALDI uses the well developed radio network of E-Plus and is one of the cheaper and more, thanks to the ALDI TALK app, convenient services. There is however also applies here: If the money spent, you have the ALDI TALK Airtime, to the service continues to use. ALDI TALK Airtime The best way to keep the balance at a glance with ALDI TALK app. But how to get new data volume, SMS and call minutes?

ALDI TALK, airtime with credit-Bon

To recharge the prepaid account using a credit-Bon, it must be purchased directly at the discounter. is at the supermarket checkout a Bon in value of 5 €, 15 € or 30 € purchased. Then a 16-digit number is noted at which the ALDI TALK works up credit. This code is either using a key combination on the account or hotline entered in the ALDI TALK app. The easiest way is via the in-house mobile application. To do the first step in the ALDI TALK app the point Airtime be selected. As a second step is entered where the numbers in the corresponding window, and then confirmed with charging. Even the money is on the call account. It is often best placed over a false statement immediately informed and can again hollow the process. ALDI TALK Airtime Bon Mobile phone owners who do not have a phone or do not have the app can Enter code using a keyboard shortcut. This will be preceded by the first 104 of the sequence of numbers and behind the last number is a sign #. This entry is confirmed by pressing the call button as the second, but all numbers should first be thoroughly checked against the receipt again. What the charge is successful, the customer receives a text message with the new account balance. The classic, but lengthy path that leads over the Free Account hotline 1155. Heads up an automatic announcement through the menu. Large drawback: Who made a mistake, have to start all over again.

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Airtime without Bon

The charging via direct debit can be performed with the ALDI TALK app. Who has signed up on the website of the supplier can initiate the money transfer comfortably on your home computer via online banking. ALDI TALK Airtime encashment The ATM is certainly the most convenient way to charge the call account. All you need to have the debit card and mobile phone number. For this, the card is inserted into the machine first, and chosen to charge the point phone. After that must be chosen provider E-Plus. Now, any amount by entering the mobile phone number can credit the ALDI TALK credit. Finally, all entries with the EC-PIN are confirmed. Unfortunately, this feature is not offered by all banks.