DVD drive is not recognized under Windows 8.1

After upgrading to Windows 8 (.1) it can happen that the optical drive is no longer available. The net circulating various approaches on DVD drive is not recognized, unfortunately, sometimes do not work really. Therefore, we have summarized the functioning on Windows 8.1 solution again in the following paragraphs step by step.

DVD drive is not recognized under Windows 8.1

Our dilemma: On Windows 8 everything was still okay, after Windows 8.1 download there were problems with a DVD-R. Interestingly, the optical drive in Explorer was still available, such as when ripping an audio CD, however, remained empty the selection of the source drive: A classic problem of Category Windows hiccup: The DVD drive is not recognized. So we try a web search for the solution and come to a quick fix. Although entry is no longer fresh, but refers to Windows 8 so we try the approach. Restart later, the DVD drive is completely gone from the Explorer.

DVD drive is not recognizedDVD drive is not recognized: what to do? (Image: Geek Week / Editorial)

Supposed solutions as aberrations

We learn: What did his service in Windows 8 certainly does not work in Windows 8.1. Or is the problem to another? Find Next. But first we have the original status again and remove the newly created registry key again. We'll find it at Microsoft itself, and be referred to a fix-it that wants to take the DVD drive error. Great joy, much easier than with the practical Microsoft Fix-Its, it is certainly hard. One click later disillusionment: "This Fix-It is not available for your operating system", Some web forums later we find an approach that Microsoft a user on "DVD drive is not recognized" has recommended. Again a registry key, re expecting us to restart. But what does not do anything to be able to hear every once an audio CD on the notebook. And lo and behold! It works!

Problem solved: DVD drive is now recognized under Windows 8.1

Since the registry adaptation designed not easy, we have illustrated the necessary steps below. First, we start the Registry Editor by pressing Win + R and typing regedit. Now we navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE - SYSTEM - CurrentControlSet - Control - Class. In the next step we mark on the left side of the entry class and press Ctrl + F to start a search within this key. We are looking for 4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318.

DVD drive is not recognized RegistryDVD drive is not recognized windows 8Start Registry Editor, navigate to the specified key and start the search (Image: editorial)

Since the said registry key may be plural, Microsoft indicates an identifying feature. In the string Standard of the DVD / CD-ROM should be, under class, the value CDROM. In the Class everything is okay, but at standard welcomes us an empty field. In order to verify whether another key exists that comes into question, we search the complete registry - to no avail. So we add summarily under standard value DVD / CD-ROM. This is easy for a double-click on Standard, add to, press OK.

Now we are looking accordance with the instructions provided by Microsoft for entries named Upper and Lowerfilters. Lowerfilters there is not with us, but UpperFilters. Both entries are to be removed according to Microsoft. This is either by marking the appropriate entry and pressing Delete, or by clicking the right mouse button and selecting Delete. We click OK.

dvd drive is not recognized ProblemDVD drive is not recognized solutionRemove entries and this once again confirm (Picture: editorial)

Forewarned, forearmed: DVD drive works again on Windows 8.1

Restart later later the DVD drive is back in the Windows 8.1 Explorer ready and can be found in our Audio CD Ripper select. Done! For the record we would like to point out that it may become necessary after this fix in the worst case, to install applications that access optical drives new, since they no longer find the drive being. With us, everything worked without problems.

These methods help with locked drives

Every now and then it comes to Reset Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 Update 1 to the error message "The drive is locked. Please unlock the drive." Here, too, the user has basic methods to solve the problem, that is: to unlock the drive available. A best practice is the rebuildbcd command. That's how it works:

  • First open the command line.
  • In the command line you are bootrec the command / rebuild and confirms it with the Enter key.
  • Finally, you start the computer again.

If the problem "DVD drive is not recognized" his then still not resolved, you can try it next to the bootrec method. Thats how it works:

  • First, the user reopens the command line or command prompt
  • Now he gives the following words one at a time and confirms each with the Enter key: bootrec / fixmbr, bootrec / fixboot, bootrec / ScanOs, bootrec / rebuildbcd
  • Finally, you start the computer again.

If it still does not appear the DVD drive, remains the chksdk method:

  • the command line is recalled first.
  • In the input field, the user enters the term chkdsk c: / f / x / r and confirms this by pressing the Enter key.
  • Then you have to restart the PC again to see if the DVD drive is now recognized.

Drive unlock with automatic repair feature of Windows 8

If all else fails, finally, remains in Windows 8 built-repair function.

  • First, not business as usual and start the computer from the Windows 8 DVD from
  • Click on the first dialog window during installation Next
  • Then you select the item from Computer repair, then Troubleshooting
  • Now do you choose Advanced Options, then Auto Repair