German Truck Simulator

The * German Truck Simulator Download ** simulates the working world of truck drivers. In the simulation, the player transports goods via the motorway between 18 major German cities back and forth. In Career Mode, players can also rise from simple driver to manager of a truck forwarding.

The wheel of a truck to take in German Truck Simulator Download

As the name of German Truck Simulator suggests you get on the PC simulation behind the wheel of high-powered truck tractor. The trucks are modeled on the design of the seven major European truck manufacturers. Trucks of MAN are even true to the original, thanks to an official license. When transporting you have the choice between more than 60 different products at German Truck Simulator. In complex 3D graphics you control the truck on the highway to the finish in a major German city.

German Truck Simulator Download

In career mode you start as a simple truck driver and works its way up to the head of forwarding by our own vehicles and branch network high. German Truck Simulator is a lovingly detailed simulation of vehicle traffic in the Federal Republic of Germany. In the demo all the features of the full version are included, only the playing time is limited to one hour.

Limitations of German Truck Simulator

The playing time is limited to one hour.