Chat via WhatsApp without a SIM card? That’s how it’s done!

Actually, the Messenger for use requires a SIM card. A trick you can WhatsApp without SIM-Card as use the tablet. We show how this works. tricking the client now!

Anyone wanting to use the Messenger on an Android device that does require the WhatsApp for Android download actually a SIM card. Usually. However, the second condition by a trick can be avoided.

WhatsApp without SIMSo you can use WhatsApp without SIM

use WhatsApp without SIM - when appropriate?

Using the client without a SIM card is interesting for all users who want to just chat not only with their smartphone. So are a lot of users who would like to use on their tablet and only in the WLAN WhatsApp home. For those who do not want to equip with a SIM card or your tablet specially have no wireless option on the tablet, or want to use on an old smartphone Messenger addition, the following guide is quite useful.

Requirements for use without SIM

To perform the following trick that allows to use WhatsApp without a SIM card, you need any phone number. That is, one made of the fact that you do not necessarily need a SIM card number, but some. This number (like a landline number) but should be accessible at the time of execution of tricks. Note: The process can always be carried out with each number only once.

WhatsApp ready to make - without a SIM

(1) First, the APK is of WhatsApp to the desired device (e.g., Tablet) installed. The link above leads to the current version of the messenger. Under certain circumstances, that the app is not suitable for tablets appear during the download. This warning can pass safely.

(2) After that you start the app on the tablet. The user will be prompted for a phone number. Here you can now enter any number - give a landline number. Prerequisite: You must not have been registered with WhatsApp.

WhatsApp without SIM trickspecify when WhatsApp landline number

(3) Normally WhatsApp now sends an SMS for verification. If you have given a mobile phone number, exactly what happens. But anyone who has typed a landline number, has to wait about 5 minutes. Then WhatsApp offers the option to carry back the code for verification via phone call. This variant is taken with the click of me to call.

(4) Now we note of the code that was transmitted with a voice message. This one then transfers into the app.

(5) Finally, it specifies a desired screen name and adds a profile picture. The Messenger is now ready, you can use WhatsApp without SIM.

To connect with your friends, you are either used landline number to his contacts on, so they store them in the phone. Or you can import the contacts on the tablet.