In Taptiles is all about 3D puzzles with colorful tiles in cube form. To solve the puzzle, you have to let the 3D objects rotate in space in search of identical tile motifs.

Taptiles Download: Heiteres puzzle game à la Memory

With the free download of Taptiles to Windows 8 users get a nice little pastime on the computer. The gameplay is reminiscent at first glance to the good old memory game. Even in this Puzzle Game concern is to find two related parts of a couple. Unlike the classic memory the pieces here are not covered but open - at least partially. Thereby forming different patterned tiles diverse cube formations in 3D. That is, some tiles are hidden on the back of the cube at first. But this is not a problem because the cube can be rotated either the mouse or swipe at will. are two equal pieces found, they dissolve. In this way, the complex cube structure is dismantled piece by piece, until it finally disappears. The level is completed it. To take a breather but do not have time, because the very next dice fun on the scene appears.

Taptiles download

Toss in three different game modes

To bring a few variety in the puzzle game, the players are after Taptiles download Three different game modes are available. Here everyone can decide for himself whether he would prefer to toss quite comfortably or prove his eye-finger coordination under time pressure. On the trickiest issue inDash mode ago. Since it is necessary to combine pairs of tiles as quickly as possible to clear them from the screen. one should waste any time here not because to solve a cube formation remain only 60 seconds. For each entity that has vanished into thin air, the player will be credited precious seconds. The second so-called Origins- or Origins mode provides greater and more difficult puzzles. The time period may be slightly larger than the Dash mode, but still crisp, given the hard head nuts. in the relaxation mode however, the time limit for solving the cube puzzle eliminated.

Changing challenges, extras and appealing graphics

Games with high Knobel- and fun factor to free download abound here. But not all games manufacturers attach great importance to elaborate graphics. When Taptile download which is fortunately different. The game is well-designed backgrounds and landscapes that change each level. There are also a number of effects and ever-changing formations cube in 3D.

Taptiles Download Graphics

Another advantage of Win app: The player benefits from extras such as daily challenges and Xbox connectivity, that enhance the game further. So the player does not always stay only for themselves but can compete with friends and other puzzle fans always. Nice pastime without surprise effects The free Taptiles invites to short-game deposits one during breaks in Windows 8th The German navigation and the liquid 3D graphics and enjoyable audio backdrop lend the win app for unadulterated fun. In addition, however, the experienced puzzle players should not expect any sudden twists or surprises.