Anyone at WhatsApp prevent access to contacts will may not do directly through the app, but have to go a little detour. We'll tell more here!

WhatsApp prevent access to contacts: User must act itself

Many apps demand enormously a lot of access rights, where one often wonders why this is at all like that. Those who want to prevent and not just Android uses 6 or higher, and an iPhone, can draw on additional tools such as the SRT AppGuard app - but more on that later.

Also WhatsApp is on the list of Rechteeinforderer top - but not unfounded. The authorization to access the saved contacts in the device is even necessary for the service to work properly.

However, going with a judgment of the district court Bad Hersfeld a cry by the user groups. This judgment states among others that makes every user who unasked passes contact details to WhatsApp, theoretically punishable. The problem: WhatsApp automatically makes this contact because it aligns phone books - and secures itself against a possible prosecution from. So the user must act.

WhatsApp prevent access to contactsWho wants to prevent access to contacts on WhatsApp, can not do this in the app, but about the settings or additional tools. (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

seek consent and go detours

Ask any the stored contact for permission and obtain written consent if the data can be sent to WhatsApp, is cumbersome. But theoretically no way around it.

However, you can watch some trouble save by her looks, has been using WhatsApp which of your contacts anyway. Then you have to just dig deeper in the people who do not have the Messenger.

And then again you can write and delete of paper from the device, these contacts either very old school in an address book. Or you go to go through the settings on the iPhone or via an additional app on the Android device:

WhatsApp access to contacts prevent OldschoolIf necessary: ​​perpetuate contacts old school notebook. (Picture: pixabay)

iPhone: Avoid contact access

Who owns an iPhone or an iPad, which is a fairly easy way to open to prevent access to contacts WhatsApp:

  1. Opens to the settings.
  2. Seek out the entry data protection.
  3. Now open it, select Contacts and choose WhatsApp.
  4. Here is the switch from simple on.

In this way, WhatsApp gets no longer have access to your contacts. This can cause problems under certain circumstances. Do you want new contacts to WhatsApp to add or upgrade existing, you have the option switch once again.

WhatsApp access to contacts prevent Android 6From Android 6 Marshmallow you can escape individual permissions settings apps. (Picture: screenshots Editor)

hide contacts on Android before WhatsApp

A little more complicated, but also more differentiated You have to proceed on an Android device. There you namely requires an app like SRT AppGuard. This app makes it possible for you to withdraw Apps one or all permissions. So you can also your contacts on WhatsApp hide.

Only your locks all contacts generally in front of the Messenger. Then you have here, however, the ability to share contacts individually. So you can simply block the contacts for WhatsApp, which anyway does not use the messenger and do not agree that their data end up in the house Zuckerberg.

Who uses higher Android 6 marshmallow and but can change individual access rights, at least for certain apps in the settings:

  1. Opens to the Android settings and selects the entry apps.
  2. Seek out the appropriate app, such as WhatsApp, and taps it.
  3. Here you will find the entry permissions under which your switch all rights and can vote out.

Unfortunately that does not work with every app. but it is possible to prevent WhatsApp access to contacts. Otherwise: take pen and notebook in hand.