ANNO 2070

The popular assembly and economic simulation ANNO is breaking new ground with the new version 2070: Instead of the usual contemplative umherzuschippern with boat in an island landscape, players travel time in the future. Take the ANNO gameplay, please complete a shot superlatives and transfer the whole thing in a not too distant future. The result: ANNO 2070. As in previous episodes build an economic power player from scratch, build cities and to face challenges and threats. But this time everything is just much more modern and above all, bigger. In addition, the game world is developing dynamically in the newest part - depending on which way to hammer. This already applies from the beginning, you decide at the beginning but either an Economic Group or the environmentally conscious counterpart, the Eco Group - contemporary! Old principle, but thrown in the newest part completely overboard - that's ANNO 2070. The demo includes the first two campaigns and impressively shows everything contained in the newest part of the ANNO series. Who ANNO always was a little too old-fashioned, his mind can now reshape. Incidentally, the Anno 2070 patch, which we also available for download, the game brings to the current state of affairs.

Limitations of ANNO 2070

The demo includes the first two campaigns.