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Windows 7

Of the Windows 7 Download 8 and 10 also very popular after the release of Windows. today, many users prefer the successful and stable operating system from Microsoft, which was published in October 2009 and replaced at this time Windows Vista. November 2014 Windows 7 a global market share of about 50 percent had. To install Win 7 new, the user needs either an original DVD containing the installation files or resorts to a Windows 7 ISO download. there is still no Windows 7 license key before, also is the so-called Enterprise Evaluation willing to work with the user Win 7 can test 90 days for free once.

Windows 7 Download: development under the codename Backcomb and Vienna

During Microsoft Windows Vista development was codenamed "Blackcomb" and from 2006 "Vienna" worked on Windows. 7 Only in October 2008, Microsoft has "Windows 7" given as a final name for the successor to Windows Vista known. The internal version number of Windows 7 is "NT 6.1", As "NT 6.2" and "NT 6.3" released Windows 8 and 8.1 before Windows 10 as "NT 10.0" the series completed.

Windows 7 was premium offered on 15 July 2009 in the Windows 7 Home Edition in a pre-sale action at a special price of 50 euros in highly limited number of Win 7 download, however, was expected to be out soon. Official international launch was then the October 22nd 2009, to which all language packs have been completed. Each operating system has its official expiration date, including Windows 7: Since January 2015 Microsoft does not provide extended support more users and provides only security updates and patches for critical vulnerabilities in the system.

Windows 7 DownloadThe Windows 7 download is also after the release of Windows 8, and 10 continue to be popular. (Image: Microsoft / Editorial)

Win 7 initially mixed reactions

It’s no secret that the XP successor Vista was not a big success. With the release of Windows 7, Microsoft has, however, put down a small feat, even if the responses are initially certainly have been mixed. The users, however, had quickly accustomed to the operation and come to appreciate as a productive and easy-to-use operating system Windows. 7 In addition, the Windows 7 download scored with numerous goodies like the Action Center as a center for problem solving, various Windows-themed packages for fast switchable customizable designs as well as a simplified device and network management.

The redesigned taskbar more accessible Web content, instant search, quick information, Webslices and seamless Windows Live integration did all the work with the operating system rounder and simplified everyday work. Built-in support for touch screens all worked that too without mouse and keyboard.

Windows 7 Download Visual EffectsWindows 7 as a productive and easy-to-use operating system. (Image: Microsoft / Editorial)

Optimized window management as a big plus

A big advantage of the Windows 7 download was the improved window management. Instead of annoying Doppelklickerei on top of the screen to solve maximized window, the user pulls them quickly and effectively to the new location. By snap snap windows at the request just to the left or right of the screen and automatically adjust the size to half of the maximum. Or is shaken by Aero Shake simply out of the marked from the desktop all the windows. The improved switching tasks via Alt + Tab is easier to see open programs and when switching via Win + Tab window, the entire contents into the Aero is even depicted preview. When crossing open programs on the taskbar preview all window displays.

Windows 7 download as an ISO file

In our download area, there are several different Windows 7 ISO Downloads. This ban users with either a conventional internal program to a DVD or Windows 7 USB / DVD Download Tool. With this tool, it can be set up then also that you can install 7 from a USB stick Windows. Windows 7 was available as an operating system in six editions, the differences in functionality and support life are at tiered license prices:

  • Starter Edition (especially for netbooks)
  • Home Basic
  • Home Premium (the most common form, including Media Center)
  • Professional (for small businesses)
  • Ultimate (includes all the features)
  • Enterprise (extent as Ultimate, but sales only with volume licensing to companies and organizations).

Windows 7 install made easy

Windows 7 is still considered a popular and very stable operating system from Microsoft. Not least, this is because that the successor Windows 8 binds the user very closely to online services of many kinds, which is not for everyone. With the Windows 7 ISO downloads the installation of the operating system is, however, easy. By the way: You can customize, maintain and optimize Windows can be found in our free system utility downloads a large amount of suitable helper.

Windows 7 Download LogoWindows 7 is still considered a popular and very stable operating system. (Image: Microsoft / Editorial)

Limitations of Windows 7

The trial version of the Enterprise Evaluation expires 90 days for free. The Windows 7 ISO files require a valid license key after installation.

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