With the Birthday cards download is said by e-mail "Happy Birthday!" The Web app sent free smart and funny animated greeting cards with matching sayings and quotes birthday celebration.

Birthday cards download with more than 80 free greeting cards

The selection of Kisseo Web App is huge. More than 80 free virtual birthday cards are available for this purpose. The range of greeting is divided into several categories. Under the slogan birthday cards for children to wait around 50 animated, child-date cards waiting to be sent. Who has forgotten a birthday, can at least send more subsequent birthday greetings. There stylish, funny greeting cards to make the small gaffe certainly forgotten.

Birthday cards downloadBirthday cards Download: The web app contains more than 80 designs for greeting cards.

provided birthday cards with the name or photo of the recipient.

Continue personalized birthday cards with the heading. Here the congratulations can be requested with the name or photo of the recipient. The elegant birthday cards is teeming with motifs of flowers and butterflies. According to the supplier, this noble, animated greeting cards are suitable especially for the birthday of adults and should be, for example, "round" Anniversaries gladden the heart of the recipient. For extra fun at the great feast day finally provide the humorous birthday cards. It is at the birthday cards Web App is a free service to send the greetings and congratulations. The shipment of all animated cards sent per email for free. In addition, the provider Kisseo provides printed greeting cards for a fee.

make greeting cards in advance and determine the desired day

Who wants to send a birthday card, selects one of the subjects offered in the Web App and specified in the field Recipient's e-mail address of the birthday child. The sender is populated with title, first name, name, email, country and birthday. Useful is the ability to specify on which day the greeting to be delivered. Thus, the cards can be even days earlier planned and designed and land but reliable at the birthday in the recipient's mailbox. Simply click on the calendar icon next to the date and select the desired Zustelltag.

Birthday card download serviceThe sender determines which day the birthday cards to be delivered.

Leave additional personal message

In the free text field below the animated birthday card you can also leave a personal message that will be delivered along with the greeting card. Click on Next step leads to a confirmation page. Here you can see the card again in a preview with all data and can either correct or ship concluded. The small animated movies are played prior to shipment at the request once again the player to take the card inspected. More programs for families including our versatile software catalog.

Birthday cards Download Happy BirthdayWith the birthday cards Web App to birthday wishes them shipped free.