Easy to set up a PayPal account - Here's how 2023

Easy to set up a PayPal account – Here’s how

Man with little effort Setting up a PayPal account and take advantage of the payment service. Especially for Internet purchases an account has become indispensable. We explain how it’s done!

PayPal is an online payment system that more than 230 million accounts leads by its own account in nearly 200 countries. The accounts are virtual, d. H. without actual account number, but there are e-mail address of each member. The great advantage of the service that the payments made immediately credited and transfers can be made so much faster than a normal bank account.

An account can be set up after the PayPal app download on both the tablet and on your smartphone. However, as recommended to make the registry directly on the website of the service, because the application is incorporated herein significantly more comfortable than on – the otherwise perfectly functioning – application.

Setting up a PayPal account for buyers

PayPal provides in principle on three account types:

  • The PayPal buyer account for users who want to sites shop safely.
  • The PayPal personal account for sellers who want to offer PayPal as a payment method.
  • The PayPal business account professional seller.

In addition to a buyer account either private or business account may be performed. Who wants to set up a PayPal account, it is going always follow the same pattern. For example, the procedure is explained with reference to the buyer account.

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Setting up a PayPal account

Step 1: Register

The first step is to register with PayPal. For this, the site of the service is called. Top right there is the Free Join button by clicking on it, a new page will open. Here you can choose private and business between the options. To pay with PayPal online purchases, here private must be selected.

Setting up a PayPal account Account Selection

Step 2: Data input

After entering various statistics such as land, valid e-mail address and a secure password a generated security code in the appropriate form must be entered. By clicking Next, a new window opens. Here personal data such as name, address or phone number are queried. In addition, the age of majority must be confirmed and both the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy are accepted.

Step 3: Activation of the account

When all data is entered correctly sent PayPal a confirmation e-mail to the address indicated. In this there is a link, the PayPal account can be activated with the call.

Step 4: Add Bank Account

To use PayPal for payments, nor the bank details and date of birth must be added. In addition one logs in with the pre-defined password on the website of the service and selects the menu item Add bank account. Now you have almost made it, but have to wait a few more days until you can confirm the account.

Step 5: Verify bank account

No later than four working days after the account was added to the PayPal account, you get a referral from a few cents. In use this credit is a code. This serves to confirm the bank account. To do this log in again on the homepage of the service, and select from among the settings menu item confirm bank account. By entering the code number the PayPal account setup is complete.

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