Zemana AntiLogger Free

Zemana AntiLogger Free prevents the keystrokes are stolen by a keylogger. For this, all entries are encrypted deep in the heart of Windows.

Spyware fight with Zemana AntiLogger Free Download

Keylogger pass through Trojans & Co. to your PC and record keystrokes. This is done in the hope that at one of the many inputs a credit card number or a PIN can be tapped. AntiLogger Free comes in two ways before it. First, all inputs make the user via the keyboard, encrypted passed in the system. This means that when times Keyboard data should go actually to the outside, they are useless to outsiders.

Secondly, analyzes the freeware malicious software trying to access the keystrokes. Zemana AntiLogger Free requires no complex configuration and operates independently of update-duty malicious code signatures. Who often enter sensitive data in an insecure PC environment, should access here. Several other anti-spyware tools to free download software offering available in our extensive.

Zemana AntiLogger Free Download