leave WhatsApp group: So it’ll work fastest!

Who a leave WhatsApp group want, this is all you need to know below. We show you what to do to finally ade to say annoying WhatsApp groups. learn here more now!

leave WhatsApp group and finally have peace!

WhatsApp groups can be very convenient, but sometimes turn out after WhatsApp for Android Download as a real nuisance. Since up to 256 people actively chat simultaneously in a group and can exchange messages, voice messages, photos, rarely prevails in lively WhatsApp groups of silence. This can be a pain literally sometimes when you retrieve the incoming messages and must repeatedly find that usually only trivialities be replaced.

The group outlet is embarrassing some members

Particularly unpleasant is the user's starting position in unwanted group invitations. because here the user is known to usually not asked whether he really is the WhatsApp group would also like to join. Rather, it is simply the group Admin "invited", Those who leave the group again, needs to know that all the other group members are informed. However, this is understandably embarrassing to many people. Because they want to get into the unpleasant situation reluctant to explain why they no longer wish to remain in the WhatsApp group, they often forego even a group exit.

leave WhatsApp groupleave WhatsApp group: If this works also secretly?

leave WhatsApp group: Find it!

So how does the WhatsApp group leave practice? Who wants to leave a group, typed in the chat screen on the group name and scroll all the way down. There the WhatsApp group option is left below the list of members. Just tap it and it is done again, asking whether you really want to leave the respective group. This can either confirm or tap Cancel if he should change his mind once the user. If desired, the user can delete the WhatsApp group and so remove from the overview of their own WhatsApp contacts and groups, there to have some more clarity. Whoever emerges only from the group but does not delete from the overview, can continue to monitor the chat content to the group.

Unfortunately, no secret group exit is possible

Secretly escape from a WhatsApp group, unfortunately, is not possible. The remaining group members receive, for example, the words "Paul Müller has left the group". Of course, the leaked user can participate at the request again in the conversation in the group. However, he can not join itself again, but must be re-invited by a group admin and added to the group.

WhatsApp mute as an alternative

As an alternative to WhatsApp group leave the WhatsApp mute offers. Each time the group WhatsApp alerts let off completely if desired, so that the user will receive a temporary no news from the WhatsApp group. There is also to receive group messages without the smartphone expressly indicating the option. So you can read the messages received at an appropriate later date without being constantly distracted.

leave WhatsApp group muteThe alternative to leaving the WhatsApp group: mute!