Google Play services

The search engine and software giant Google introduces the Google Play Services Download a proprietary background service for Android devices. The program does not only updating all apps, but all operations on the smartphone in order to improve the user experience. Among the main features include the synchronization of contact and authentication of Google services.

Google Play services Download: The central Android program

The first introduced in 2012, service is also known under the name of Google Play Services. The program is a fusion of application programming interface (API) and useful background service for Android devices. Since its beginnings, the play services have been greatly expanded, so that it is responsible for a variety of Google services today and ensures smooth communication between all components. Usually the program is on all Android devices since version 2.2 from the factory. Who does not have the program or want to update manually, you can download the Google Play services here.

Google Play Services Download

Key features of Google Play Services

One of the main features of the program is to update all applications made by Google. The user must not itself be active, the tool performs all updates silently in the background through and provides the applications with new features. In addition, the play services are responsible for ensuring that all other applications running smoothly on the smartphone. In order to ensure the running of certain processes, the service has countless tools on board.

New features in Android Tools

Since the update to version 7.5, the Google Play services have the two new features Smart Lock for Passwords and instance ID in addition to new APIs for Google Cast and Cloud Messaging. First is a password manager, who now works across platforms to Chrome on Android. Furthermore, access devices with Android Wear (Smart Watches) on the Google Maps API. is also possible since 7.x to use the Android smartphone as a controller for games or for Android TV. In addition, an automatic synchronization via the Google Photos link is integrated.

Google Play services Download Features

Comprehensive tool box

Even more integrated, so but the following tool included in the play services are no less important:

  • Google Play Games services
  • Wallet
  • Drive
  • Cast
  • Ads
  • Google Maps
  • Google+
  • Location APIs

In addition, the Google Fit API is integrated, will track the user's activities of various kinds and can be linked with the Google Account, so that it is available on other devices. The Google Analytics API and Google Accounts authentication methods are included in the services.