Zentangle Templates

soothing Zentangle templates to download bring you back peace and relaxation and provide incentives for creativity. Invites you these templates down, grabs you pins and let your imagination run wild!

Zentangle templates downloadThe Zentangle templates download provides you with creative input. (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

With Zentangle templates relax Download and get creative

Zentangle is the new form of relaxing Creativity: A mixture of Doodling and mandalas: Not necessarily geometric, consistent forms, but "free snout" paint - and continually improving pattern.

When Zentangling there are quite repetitive patterns. You are in painting but certainly not fixed it. Rather, this method of painting is to bring peace in everyday life and at the same time stimulate creativity. Meditation and drawing combined - hence the term: Zen in Japanese means "meditation" and rectangle comes from English and means "square".

Zentangle templates download MandalaA mandala is a form of Zentangle. (Picture: pixabay)

Origins of Rectangles

Originally Zentangles put namely composed of four corners in which patterns are created. This can always be further compounded an image. In its original design painted on 9 x 9 cm cards, starting with simple lines that will always be further elaborated and combined so that over time, even very complex works of art emerge.

you can make mistakes when Zentangle not draw. From each made stroke You can simply design something completely new. Try it, You can not imagine what imaginative and impressive pattern you created with time.

Zentangle templates Download sampleBut patterns can be made into any shape. (Picture: Deavita CC BY-ND 3.0)

reduce stress

By the ever deeper going into the drawing, in which you just flow your mind and your hand holding the pen work, let it be possible even to paint itself into a kind of trance, or at least a very deep relaxation. This reduces stress and helps to refocus on individual things and to one's own self. And the great thing: you can make it, so to speak anywhere. For many utensils you namely not need - even if your course you can let off steam with colors and different papers also.

Zentangle drawing: What do I need?

Base materials for Zentangle are pen and paper. The best way a Fineliners suitable. And the tighter the paper, the more fun to paint. But the need to try out your own. Who needs some incentives, can the Zentangle make templates download and add them further or just imagined.

Your searches a bit more challenging, you just snapped several pens of different thicknesses. So you can combine with fragile patterns Your thicker lines and boundaries.

Holt you ideas with Zentangle templates or let's just run your imagination on paper. Remember, mistakes do not exist in Zentangle. Bring down on paper what you want!