With the Microsoft Microsoft Internet Explorer Download the latest browser comes from Microsoft on the PC. The Redmond surfboard presents itself retreaded with modern user interface and sets the safety standards continue.

Microsoft Internet Explorer download for safe surfing

The default browser for Windows, offers simply not infinitely large excursions in all directions, as do many other browsers. So the jury is out on IE, the browser from Microsoft then. Some users complain the small catalog of plug-ins and add-ons that after Microsoft Internet Explorer Download be available. In competing browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome more options in this regard are to be recorded. No wonder then that they are also increasingly on the rise. Other users in turn does not address the optics of IE - which, lets accounting for taste indeed argue known.

Microsoft Internet Explorer Download

Internet Explorer 11 is stable and reliable

For professional users, however, joy can be heard on regular patches for the browser. These are the high level of security while surfing the Internet guarantee. It's a fact that Internet Explorer still has a high prevalence compared with other browsers. supports up new standards, it takes as a rule a few days longer, but IE is running stably and smoothly.

Nostalgia vs. Modern: IE downloads for various Windows versions

For nostalgic and users who work with older systems, even Microsoft Internet Explorer old versions can be found. Including, but not Internet Explorer 6 to 8. The Version 9 works with Windows Vista up and scores with hardware-assisted graphics structure, HTML5 and CSS3. For users, this means the result is a seamless integration of current media and graphics operations in the browser. The goal is a web browser without additional necessary plug-ins such as Flash & Co. In the version number 10, these standards will be further expanded and also increases the speed of execution. An auto update feature is on board, which provides the user the monthly patch day with updates. However, the IE 10 only works on Windows. 7

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Improved hardware acceleration makes the IE 11 for more speed

available for Windows 7 in the 32 and 64 bittigen variant separate Downloads for Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 ready. Users of Windows 8.1 will automatically benefit from the latest version, as it is pre-installed. Under the hood lure as with any new version more PS: Thanks to improved hardware acceleration large pages themselves are built and run faster. This includes not only games but also multi-functional Web apps such as the web version of Microsoft Office 2013. There is of course an improved gesture control. Nice is factory built-in support for HTML5 clips - for video of the new format is that no plug-in or add-on longer necessary. Tip: Who uses Windows 7 and wishes no updating of web browser, install the IE 11 with the Internet Explorer can prevent 11 Blocker Toolkit.

Optimized video streaming and support for WebGL

For the first time, Internet Explorer 11 on the developer conference "Build 2013" presented from 26 to 28.6.2013 in San Francisco and made with the release of Windows 8.1 for Friends of tile operating system available. A pre-release version of Windows 7 was released in July, 2013. In November 2013, the final version 11 was released for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. Essentially new features in IE 11 download are the optimized video streaming capabilities and support for WebGL.

New reading view specifically for Windows 8.1

Internet Explorer 11 now has a reading view, which can display the main text completely without navigation elements and advertising separately similar to an eBook page. However, this is new reading function , Not included in the desktop version only in the IE 11 version for Windows 8.1. Useful is the ability to thereby set the background and font size for this view according to your own wishes.

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Skype app is already on board

The Modern UI app of IE 11 on Windows 8.1 also has Skype on board. Of the VOIP client is seamlessly integrated with the web browser. For example, the user is automatically offered a Skype call as soon as it marks a phone number on a website. In the new Modern UI split view, both the Internet Explorer app and the Skype app will then see the dials on request, the recognized telephone number.

More speed while browsing with IE 11

Internet Explorer 11 can be loaded as 2008 classic desktop version and uses Windows 7 and Server. Under Windows 8.1, Internet Explorer is integrated into Windows. Here, the user can therefore save downloading the new browser generation.

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No patch: discovered vulnerability in Internet Explorer

Due to a newly discovered vulnerability in Internet Explorer can hackers can take control of the computer. According to Microsoft, no attacks have been registered through this vulnerability.

The French IT security specialist FrSIRT has discovered a new vulnerability in Microsoft's Internet Explorer, for which there is no patch. The vulnerability provides an attacker the ability to take control over other people's computers via self-made, compromised Web sites. As the IT portal Cnet reported, the Company classified the vulnerability in the browser "critical" one - the highest risk levels from FrSIRT.

The code for producing such sites is already available on the Internet, which considerably increases the security risk for users of Internet Explorer because the hackers is easier to use. However, a spokeswoman from Microsoft that so far no attacks have been registered yet, which are made via this new vulnerability. It will investigate the case and then respond appropriately to the problem - if necessary with a new security update for Internet Explorer.

FrSIRT pointed out that only those computers are at risk have the Microsoft file "Msdds.dll" is stored. It is unclear, however, how this file reaches the computer and how far it has spread. Only in July and again last week, Microsoft had issued a comprehensive security update for Internet Explorer. How the Internet security company Websense reported similar vulnerabilities that should be closed with the last patch, this newly discovered vulnerability.