easily change WhatsApp number and transfer account

New phone number? We show how to Change WhatsApp number and the account can migrate to the new number. read up & further Chat!

Users who purchase a new mobile phone contract and get a new phone number can simply take their current account with WhatsApp. Since, for example, when downloading WhatsApp for iPad or other devices to use the phone number of the smartphone is needed, it should also be changed there. No matter what device is used to the Messenger, the procedure is similar everywhere.Change WhatsApp number

WhatsApp number change - when does this make sense?

There are still times again and again that users change their phone number. The most common is probably a new mobile phone contract. but some users change their phone number now and then to say goodbye to old contacts. Even when going abroad, it makes sense if you change the number in the Messenger: Whether holiday trip or year abroad, who is staying outside Germany, usually comes cheaper when there worried a prepaid card. The advantages are obvious:* All contacts are available and need not be transferred manually.* All chats and groups to be restored thanks to back-up. So you do not give up its so far out conversations.

Changing the Number: How It Works

A prerequisite for the change that the new number is already active. That is, calls and text messages would already be possible. Performing the number-change has the following consequences:

  • The account of the previous number is deleted and removed even when the contacts. It is then no longer visible.
  • There will be a migration. That is, remain all the data of the account as groups, Profile, chats, and account information received and "pull only".The change is completed in a few steps, which takes less than five minutes. For this, the menu is opened and the option setting Clicked.Change WhatsApp Number MenuThen in the settings window of the Account and select Change number in the next window of the sub-item.Change WhatsApp number ProcedureNow the user is already almost there. first an intermediate reference page appears in the Change number field. By clicking Next, the user comes to the window where you can change the WhatsApp number. Here, the user must first give his old number and under the new number. only confirm or verify and ready now.Change WhatsApp number number

The correct order for a new mobile phone

If you call the new number and a new smartphone to its own, you should definitely follow this order:

  1. first change the number on the old phone
  2. Laying Following the SIM card in the new device, install WhatsApp and verify the new phone number again, producing data back and lostexten.

Note: The support team would like to emphasize that users do not constantly switch between multiple numbers or equipment and should herswitchen because the verification was otherwise at some point no longer possible.