When a computer game is included in the collection of the prestigious New York Museum of Modern Art, it must therefore have something special up. Of the Minecraft Download recently received this honor prove - and also the youngest of the currently issued at MoMA PC games.

The Minecraft Download brings a fascinating world to the computer

And indeed Minecraft is a unique matter, what is evident directly after the game started. The open-plan world of a very short time matured a cult OpenWorld game consists entirely composed of cubes. For these pixel blocks to make his world as it pleases. A real aim of the game because there are not achievable in Minecraft. Who does not come with the look of the cult-Games deal that finds ample selection of other commercial games to download our software catalog.

Minecraft DownloadMinecraft Download as iconic building game in imaginative cube environment (Image: Mojang / Editorial)

More than peaceful stacking blocks

But this is not to say that it's all about after the Minecraft Download to stack in peace undisturbed blocks on blocks. In the so-called creative mode although that's possible, but in survival mode, it is quite fast over with the love of peace. At night put namely to spiders, zombies, skeletons and witches of the player character, which also loses after falls and drowning life energy.

dodge enemy creatures, it is an option, but not the only, because killing the enemy is sometimes the only way to get to raw materials such as spider silk. This, however, is a prerequisite for the construction of an arch, and so without weapons and armor to survive in a giant Minecraft game world is anything but a cakewalk. Moreover, one gets some foods only won fights.

Also, trade and agriculture play a role

However Minecraft also has a peaceful side, consisting of trade relations with villagers, cereal crops and livestock to breastfeed hunger. but forms the core of the game the called Crafting assembling different raw materials to a new subject. The resources obtained by the degradation of the cube, placed subsequently in certain patterns within so-called Craftingfelder and creates objects of everyday use as well as weapons and armor.

Complex technology such as circuits and traps are feasible

Even circuits can be in Minecraft using the raw material Redstone realize, but the magic has its space in the virtual blocks world. However, advantages can be achieved not only by enchantments, various potions can be brewed and brought into play to strengthen your character or significantly weaken the enemy. And who wants to take it more passive, which can construct a variety of traps and there bring counterparty or computerized nature to the track.

minecraft download dice"The whole Minecraft world consists of cubes and blocks. (Picture: Mojang)

Games world is not infinite, but almost

Moreover, the game world is in Minecraft not really infinite, but limited to a width of 60 million blocks. But as already own this gigantic dimension is hard to explore, the map is divided into three dimensions and the open-world game also can be extended mods with any amount of fun is expected as soon never end here. Also contributes to the option to play Minecraft either alone or in multiplayer mode. This possibility is open to both via the Internet and via local network.

The Minecraft Download installed by the way a trial version, which is 100 minutes run. In the zwanzigminütig clocked day-night intervals of Minecraft, this therefore corresponds approximately to five games, which should be sufficient to not just ordinary blocks world for homing.

Download Minecraft AdventureIn the upper and lower world there are at Minecraft much to discover! (Picture: Mojang)

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Limitations of Minecraft

The playing time of the trial version is limited to 100 minutes.