How does the eBay Classifieds to sell?

Who sell eBay Classifieds Want to Silver unneeded second-hand experiences incurred everything about the classifieds market, including what charges during intensive use of the popular classifieds portal in this guide. More here!

About eBay Classifieds Sale: How does it work?

Many users are wondering after downloading the eBay Classifieds app as Germany's largest classified ads market actually works and whether the sale is really free there. We clarify below and answer the most important questions that are of interest to the seller eBay Classifieds.

sell eBay Classifiedssell eBay Classifieds: We reveal what should know sellers and note.

Own Classified Listings: Find it!

Those who want to sell on eBay Classifieds, must register first. EBay Classifieds app then provides the seller a very convenient tool to give up their own listings. A wizard leads you through the steps. First category and product are selected, provided with a matching image, packed all meaningful information in the descriptive text and indicated the end of the desired price.

What does it cost to place an ad on eBay Classifieds?

There are at eBay Classifieds basically no sales commissions, neither for private nor seller for online merchants. However, there may be Einstellgebühren for very active sellers who depend on the number of ads and the category. In concrete terms, a fee of € 0.95 will be payable only from the 51th display for setting more than 50 ads within 30 days. For "John Doe seller" making it the eBay Classifieds sell completely free.

Ads in the categories "cars" and "property"

In the categories of cars and real estate fees are due as early as the third display and this in the amount of € 6.95 (cars) or € 14.95 (real estate). However, this too is likely to be only for commercial suppliers of importance. Who wants to look up details for billing will find it here. While entering an advert of Classified checks how many advertisements have been abandoned in the last 30 days. It counts not the calendar month, but always the last 30 days.

Direct contact between buyer and seller

Each ad on eBay Classifieds has a term of 60 days and can be extended during this time by the seller, deleted or disabled. In contrast to the online service eBay there are no auctions. The seller only has the choice whether he sells his goods at a fixed price or negotiated or "give away" she offers. The contact between buyers and sellers via messages or phone. The text description of each eBay classified ad, the provider is marked with his email address.

Buyers can easily absorb the vendor contact if interested and often a personal collection of the purchased Schnäppchens is welcome here. However, there is no buyer protection: eBay Classifieds is not involved in the sales process and therefore is not liable.