ALDI TALK Registration - Instructions 2023

ALDI TALK Registration – Instructions

With the ALDI TALK Registration the SIM of the discount will be shown, only then can telephone. Register now and losquatschen! ALDI applies for years as a lowest-cost provider in the grocery store. Elektroartikel the Medion brand have been offered for some time in supermarkets, for some time, the Group has also established its own tariffs on the mobile phone market.

The prepaid card from ALDI TALK is operated by MEDIONmobile and uses the telephone network of E-Plus. Customers have the SIM card to purchase over the ALDI TALK Registration activate. Different flat rates can be added, the consumption of an app is always available. The ALDI TALK app can be downloaded for free here.

ALDI TALK appThe ALDI TALK registration is not difficult. (Image: Screenshot ALDI TALK / Editorial)

made ALDI TALK registry easy

In American movies that just works: buy Burner-phone or prepaid cell phone and you have a new number, no one knows. In Germany there are no anonymous SIM cards because of the legal situation, therefore, all numbers, whether registered with contract or prepaid rate, with personal data. To be able to ever register with ALDI TALK, you need a new SIM card of the provider and his or her personal data. In addition, you have to be to register a separate phone number for at least 16 years old. The provider offers four options for ALDI TALK registration to: by mail, by fax, over the phone or online.

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Online registration at ALDI TALK

The registration of ALDI TALK on the Internet is the fastest way for card activation. This requires fewer steps:

1&# 46; step: First you call the browser’s website There must, depending on the region in which the card was purchased, either ALDI NORD or ALDI are selected.

2&# 46; step: In the next step the SIM number and the new number to be checked. The necessary data can be found right next to the card in the cover letter of the starter set.

ALDI TALK SIM(Image: Screenshot ALDI TALK / Editorial)

3&# 46; stepMEDION customers must place a check before the next step, the personal data will be automatically transferred. Users There is no data on the device manufacturer, leave the selection at No.

ALDI TALK Medion(Image: Screenshot ALDI TALK / Editorial)

4&# 46; stepThe sequence of digits of the SIM card number and the telephone number must be entered into the respective fields. Now the information is checked with Next.

ALDI TALK Registration(Image: Screenshot ALDI TALK / Editorial)

5&# 46; step: A registration form in which the personal information must be filled out appears next.

6&# 46; stepWith further the accuracy of all information and agreeing to the terms and conditions is confirmed.

7&# 46; stepThe ALDI TALK registration allowed before completion of the registration, the Book of flat rates and triggering a call-taking.

8th&# 46; stepIn the summary of all information must be confirmed with Weiter_ again. The SIM card and the ALDI TALK account will be activated within six hours.

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ALDI TALK registration by mail, fax or phone call

For the first two options, the form which is in the starter set is required. Then it is sent or by mail to the _ MEDION AG, Medion Mobile, Postfach 13 03 05, 45293 Essen_ directly 01805 – fax 44 48 30th The activation takes in both cases 12 hours after receipt of the letter. Activation by telephone is done with a call to 0180 6/95 95 60th However, this is somewhat tedious and costs 20 cents from a landline and 60 cents from the mobile network. The SIM is activated within six hours after the call has ended.