Of the ADAC Maps Download is users when planning their itinerary with practical information on the page. The free Web app offers a flexible route planner additional current traffic information such as traffic jam alerts and site notes.

ADAC Maps Download with current information about traffic jams, accidents and construction sites

ADAC Maps calculates the travel time required for a route, route displays and information to any applicable tolls. The route planner flexibly adapts to drivers of cars, motorcycles, sidecars and motor homes. Alternatively, the fastest route Freeware calculates the shortest distance if desired. Especially practical: In the map overview ADAC Maps to-date information such as traffic jams, accidents, construction sites, gas stations, hotels, restaurants and other so-called Points of Interest such as theme parks or Garages displays. For drivers of vehicles with natural gas or LPG the route planner also displays the stations with CNG or LPG along the way.

In addition to the map ADAC Maps provides a detailed route plan that you always print on paper and can be used as travel documents carry it anywhere. Additional information such as the current weather conditions, traffic reports and photos of landmarks along the journey route complete the route planner online. With ADAC Maps motorists get information enough for planning trips at home and abroad. Compared to Google Maps of the free service of the ADAC even offers more and more detailed travel information. In short: A recommended route planner for leisure travelers, commuters and other drivers.

ADAC Maps Download