who the install APK Kinox.to want experiences in this manual, which is to be observed. We explain in detail how such APK files can be installed on Android devices without the Google Play Store. More on this below!

install Kinox.to APK and upload only from trusted sources

Our software catalog provides downloading the app Kinox.to ready in the current version. Who wants to load the Kinox.to app in the form of an APK on his smartphone, you must first perform a small change to the settings of his cell phone because the installation of APK files is disabled by default in Android. This also has a good reason: Basically you should invite APK files only from trusted sources, as these are generally regarded as a security risk and a significant risk of infecting their own smartphone or tablet with malware.

install APK Kinox.toinstall APK Kinox.to: We show you how it works!

Small adjustment to the APK installation in the Security Settings

To allow apps from unknown sources, the user opens the settings, navigate to the point safety and equipment safety and activates the point Unknown sources or unknown sources. This is titled differently depending on the Android system. Now just confirm the prompt and using their own phone is henceforth able to use APK files also from external sources. install for Kinox.to the loaded APK APK file is simply tapped in a file browser. The user confirms the installation and already the Kinox.to app lets your smartphone or tablet use.

Our recommendation: use only legal streaming services!

We recommend the film to friends, to rely solely on legal streaming services like Netflix or max cathedrals and stay away from streaming platforms like Burning Series or Kinox.to. Those who still chooses to take the risk to stream movies over Kinox.to can optionally use the browser version or Kinox.to app. The latter is not on the Google Play Store, but can be installed as described above on the Kinox.to APK problems.

Users of Kinox.to move on legal ice

The streaming platform Kinox.to is quite popular with film friends. However, since it in no way is a legal streaming page, users move through legal and ice can make even a criminal offense, as the streaming of copyrighted content on Kinox.to is not legal. When streaming a compressed version of the video is saved as a temporary file on the PC. The disputed legal detail question is whether this as a full copy, and can be viewed as bootleg thus whether or Streaming Viewers can rely on the admissibility of the private copy on a legal gray area.