Wubi 2023


Of the Wubi download installed Linux as a conventional application under Windows. Available variants Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Xubuntu are.

Wubi download as comfortable Linux Test for beginners

The manufacturer describes it this way: Start Wubi, get a coffee, and when you come back waiting Ubuntu on you. Quite so is not it but, nevertheless, is Wubi takes care of the complete installation of the current version of Ubuntu. This, however, the installer also requires at least 3 GB, but rather up to 30 GB for the complete installation. For this, the complete data of the selected Linux distribution are downloaded automatically – you should depending on your Internet connection so reserve some time. Once installed, the operating system starts after double the operating system. Here, users can frolic in the Linux universe and still access the Windows resources in the background.

If one has no desire, so you close your Linux easily and end up back in the Windows system. Just for the curious who always wanted to retest Linux, Wubi is a round thing. Completely stress-free installed the latest (K / X) Ubuntu release and allows extensive testing before umr├╝stet a PC to Linux.

Wubi download

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