FinalBIG is a classic resource editor for various EA games. These include Command & Conquer, Star Wars and Lord of the Ring EW BFME. A resource editor or resources hackers is as simple as useful for whole blood gamblers. Each computer game calls the Games graphics and some settings from any file. So here are buildings, roads, the player characters, but also set values ​​such as the start-wealth, etc.. But here is also clear that the stroke of the sword of a warrior XY leaves 450 damage on the enemy. With a resource hacker can directly intervene in the events here. FinalBIG knows his best to those used by EA for this purpose in many games and BIG MEG archives. So to set the aforementioned damage to 5000, the cash reserves to 100,000 and adds a separate graphics. As well as the popular game MODs are created, for example. In addition to increasing the fun factor but you can sometimes quickly destroy the whole game, so be careful here! Especially with the adaptation of units which occur several times in the game, games are fast Imba (short for imbalanced, = unbalanced). For a little caution is advised already. but who always creates a backup copy of the working version before modification of BIG files should have no problems. After some training time you have the resources of Electronic Arts -Play ruckzuck under control and tinkering so its very own gaming experience.