He is one of the most popular in the category of PDF programs. now learn how to with a few clicks Update Adobe Reader can! Since its initial release in the early nineties, the Portable Document Format, better known by the acronym PDF, become one of the most popular and widely used formats. To open, view, or to create and edit documents in PDF format, there are now software programs from different manufacturers and developers. Probably the most widely used is the PDF reader from Adobe Systems. The program is free. Here you can download Adobe Reader for free.

Tutorial: Update Adobe Reader

To fix vulnerabilities, but also to integrate improvements and to extend the functionality, the manufacturer Adobe releases system at irregular intervals security or stability updates. By default, the Reader automatically updated or announces new updates to for download. But who wants to make sure can update manually Adobe Reader. How's works can be found in the following step-by-step instructions. Thus the reader is manually updated 1&# 46; Step - open Adobe Reader: Is Adobe Reader installed on your computer, you can check in two clicks if security or stability updates are available. Insider knowledge or technical expertise are not necessary for this. Every layman can update Adobe Reader. Here's how: First, the already installed program is called. Is not on the desktop program icon filed, we find the Adobe Reader with the Windows key >> All programs. Update Adobe Reader 2&# 46; Step - Search With Update Wizard for updates: When the Reader open, clicking in the top menu bar on the "Help". After that, a new drop-down menu with the sub-item opens the "Check for updates". The software program examines and then installed where appropriate, security and stability updates. Depending on when the Reader was last updated, the program may need to after downloading the update to be closed and restarted to complete the installation end. In some cases full system reboot may be necessary. Update Adobe Reader for Updates It is important that the Adobe Reader is always kept up to date. This vulnerabilities are on the one hand. In addition, the functionality is extended by the program updates. Thus the Adobe Reader has become a software program since its first publication in the nineties, which can be far more open than documents in PDF format. Thus in the newer versions, for example, a full-text search and playback of embedded multimedia objects are supported. Since version 7 and three-dimensional graphics objects are displayed. In addition, forms can be filled with Adobe Reader.