Of the CCleaner download is a true all-rounder when it comes to Windows cleanup. The freeware finds among other garbage and deletes redundant registry entries. Per Startup Manager, the user what programs load automatically at startup determined.

CCleaner Download: Putzfee for system

The name CCleaner is the short form of the predecessor Crap Cleaner. It is a versatile and free program to optimize and clean the computer. It comes from the software company Piriform offering with Defraggler, Recuva and Speccy more quality freeware tools. After downloading CCleaner all important system tools are quickly and easily accessible with a clear interface. Separate versions for 32- and 64-bit systems are available. Both are contained in CCleaner download.

analyze system and eliminate useless files

The System Cleaner is one of the absolute top tools in the freeware area. According to the manufacturer, the cleaning tool has been downloaded end of 2012, more than a billion times. After downloading and launching of CCleaner, the system cleaner for a presented completely in German, cleaned up the other and clear. Actually, you can start right away, that is: Analyze and then clean up files. So you're out of the woods.

CCleaner downloadThe CCleaner Download admits Windows systems thoroughly. (Picture: editorial)

erase telltale traces and history lists

The cleaning staff removes unused and temporary files, history of visited web pages and various other history lists, such as the recently used files or entered Searches Windows Search. Those who want to hide this telltale traces from prying eyes, has the CCleaner download a useful resource to hand.

Clean Up PC with CCleaner and clean up major browsers

In addition, other settings and programs can choose their unneeded data is removed from the system. Cleanup of CCleaner supports all major web browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer browser, Opera, Safari and Google Chrome or derivatives such as SRWare Iron. The list of supported applications ranging from Office to Photoshop and is constantly expanding.

CCleaner download Registry Cleanerclean windows registry and clean (Image: editorial)

Reliable cleaning up the Windows registry

CCleaner cleans up the registry and automatically offers before system cleanup to a backup of the current system database. Again, the user starts at the request first with an analysis. be removed fix with a click of error from the Windows registry after uninstalling programs leftover entries and other errors.

Delete entire drives with CCleaner quickly and safely

Under the menu item Tools of Cleaner manages, among other programs installed and automatically started with Windows applications, and system recovery. thanks to the "Disk Wipers" makes CCleaner also ensure that either all free memory areas, or entire drives are shredded. So deleted files and folders can not be recovered again by unauthorized third parties. Several different erasing methods are available to irrevocably to send sensitive files or entire disks to the happy hunting grounds digital. Since version 4 is also a File Finder to detect and remove duplicate files on board.

CCleaner download File FinderSearching and deleting duplicates (Picture: editorial)

free system from unnecessary ballast

A useful addition for CCleaner that this little freeware utility CCEnhancer. This expands the list of supported programs to over 1000 other programs. In this way, the Mr. Clean creates even more free space on the plates.