The ADAC fuel prices Android application brings motorists at petrol stations smile again. The app provides current fuel prices of more than 13,000 filling stations in Germany - in real time. Thanks to the app Saving is possible again when refueling so. A route planner is attending the remainder.

ADAC fuel prices app compares reliable fuel prices

constantly fluctuate that fuel prices and there are enormous Distinguish from gas station to gas station, every motorist knows only too well. How many times one has since been annoyed when you were much too expensive refuel with a crying eye and two kilometers later you will encounter a gas station, which would have been much cheaper. These frustrating moments now part thanks to the ADAC fuel prices App the past. The app for Android makes use of newly constructed in September 2013 Market transparency agency for fuels. This market transparency point is in real time with data from the Cartel Office about the Prices of some 13,000 German filling stations supplies. Since the institution was set up to offer consumers more transparency, these data are just also passed - including the ADAC, who delivers it on the web and about his ADAC fuel prices Android application. In this case, the app not only thePrices of gasoline, premium, diesel and E10 available - most recently is also quotation for natural gas and CNG included.

ADAC fuel prices App

Gas prices app displays cheapest gas station nearby

For those looking for cheap gas stations there are several possibilities. is a variant, one seeks in a defined area for gas stations and then gets starting with the best list. Or you can easily calculate the route. Here, however, the goal must be no gas station. One can each display any old way. So you can therefore pursue his normal daily rhythm, are the desired target and can calculate the route. Now the app on the track displays all gas stations that you can control. Nice gimmick: The ADAC fuel prices App even comes up with traffic jams on. In addition, the user can very convenient way herswitchen between the map and list view.

ADAC fuel prices Route app

Android App with unzeitgemäßem Design

Not every free car software brings to the user always necessarily add value. With this app, the benefit is however unquestionable. However, regarding the layout, the German Automobile Club would like to go a little more time. The design is reminiscent of the first not quite as successful app designs. Nevertheless, it is easy to handle and even Android newbies come in finding your destination quickly. That was probably the main intention of the ADAC. ADAC App saves when refueling the purse As already mentioned, the app will win any beauty contests. But its purpose it fulfills all and even exemplary. The ease of use, reliable real-time fuel prices and the clever route planner make the app a must-have for drivers-bargain hunters.