Who wants all vehicle, need luck, patience or money. The latter one promises Smashy Road Hack. Why it would take distance and how to still get all the cars, out here!

Who after downloading the Smashy Road: Wanted is the app Endless Runner also expire as we will soon realize that you can not easily get to all cars. One or the other then embarks on a search for options that speed up the process.

Smashy Road HackSmashy Road Hack - that's the solution?

Smashy Road Hack: Caution malware!

Offers fast are found to hacks and tools that promise endless Coins. Sounds great - but is almost always a case. The hackers go about it even more professional. see the pages in part even from trustworthy, there are fake comments that should confirm the authenticity, also advertised with slogans such as "100 percent virus free". but what the user gets is the opposite: viruses, malware, Trojans or a juicy subscription are provided unknowingly. The offerings on YouTube belong to this category. Therefore, we recommend that you prefer not to engage in it and to make no means any download or provide personal data or the account.

Smashy Road Hack DownloadBeware of offers of this kind

The glimpflichste output with a Smashy Road Hack is that it is blocked by the game developers.

Without Hack successful in Smashy Road

But even without a hack tool you can nudge with a few tricks his luck in Smashy Road, set new high scores and unlock all the vehicle. How it works? We have compiled a few helpful tips:

More tests on machines

Early in the game you get given a free round at the vending machine. Who is still in the game at the beginning, can always come back to this point, by deleting the data. This can be done via the Apps settings in the smartphone. With any luck, he will receive not just an ordinary vehicle. But be careful: Through the process all vehicles and dots are gone.

Smashy Road Hack MachineTricks to increasing use of the machines in Smashy Road

Another possibility, which already comes very close to Smashy Road Hack, is the manipulation of time. So the user gets every 5 hours gave a try at the machine. In order not to have to wait five hours, one can date & a couple of hours set the time of the smartphone forward. That works out as often. Note: If you take the time to the current time back that geschummelten hours drangehängt again. The trick is worth it only if you know that you can not subsequently come many hours to play - for example, before bedtime.

Money through commercials

After each fourth or fifth round appear in Smashy Road commercials. One can push away this or View. We recommend watching! Because for each spot you get 20 Coins. Not bad, right?

cause crashes and explore surroundings

The principle in Smashy Road is simple - the longer you survive and can escape from his pursuers, the more points you get. Therefore, one should sometimes explore the streets down and the environment. In an open area to maneuver can be better realized, besides you can the police as better shake in construction sites.

Smashy Road Hack driving styleThe streets of Smashy Road rely times

There is also a possibility, even without Smashy Road Hack to increase your score exponentially: You just have to ram everything one gets in the way. Fences, trees other cars - you bring a car to explode, which gives even more extras!