Jodel app 2023

Jodel app

With the Jodel app users receive a live feed of everything going on around them – in real time and anonymous. Especially students have discovered this tool by itself to publish anonymous messages and images. The app works location-based, so you only messages that have been released in the immediate vicinity of the user – for students of Campus preferably. But even in cities or at festivals yodeling is an absolute must this summer for Android.

With the Jodel app right there on

Who wants to know what’s going on all in the immediate vicinity, can not avoid the mixture of messenger and social media platform currently. The great advantage – and that makes the charm of the news – the anonymity under whose mantle one can make his status public. After downloading the app can be no lengthy registration process and losjodeln completely directly without registration. The only requirement is that the positioning must be enabled.

Jodel app

Material design and smart features

The Jodel app offers bright colors, a clear menu structure in modern material design and indeed clear, but clever number of functions. On the home screen, the latest news from the immediate vicinity of its own location and its own yodel find. Under the menu item My Activity, you can display its own messages, replies, Polls and the loudest yodel. If you switch to the option My environment messages of other users are displayed either by relevance, popularity or resonance. The settings menu is only used to determine the type of notification – more is not required at this functional app, however, also.

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Anonymity vs. Social Media?

Actually, the principle of anonymity contrary to the principles of social media. But that seems to be on the first glance. Because the app offers the ability to respond to published yodel. In addition, the status messages can be evaluated with an arrow pointing up or down. The more arrows you get rising to his post down, the more points you get karma. These points form a kind of ranking of the most popular user.