Fishdom 2023


At a Download Fishdom it is about the creation of your own aquarium, which has to be himself decorated and equipped. Helps the integrated one game "3 wins"Because it brings a money with which you can then purchase the items for the aquarium.

The download of Fishdom for quick pastime

This game should serve the rapid pastime and this is the purpose of Fishdom all times. It’s about a prefabricated empty to equip aquarium with plants, shelter and fishing. This costs all (virtual) money and this must somehow be procured. Now comes "3 wins" into play: In this puzzle-like game is about to arrange always at least three identical figures or symbols next to each other or with each other. The symbols are movable in four directions.

Fishdom download

Like other puzzle games are set up for free, you can learn here.

With Fishdom and some skill to the most beautiful aquarium

Each time the game "3 wins" However difficult, which is also necessary because Fishdom would get bored otherwise. Based on the time it took the gamers for the game and he gets money credited to the collared extra points. With this he can now purchase various accessories for his aquarium. He can in the categories "Comfort". "fish" and "aesthetics" take action and either create a more beautiful environment for its house animals or buy more and more expensive fish. This is left to the player himself and for that he can choose between more than 100 objects. Are the health bars of these three categories is full, the gambler wins a trophy. In either bronze, silver or gold. In the end he can use his own aquarium even as his screensaver.

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Fishdom Download playing surface

Gameplay and handling of the Denkpiels

The game interface is very simple and therefore very clear: First, the gamer has to complete a game, then he can make the first purchases. tilts the money over, the player presses again "Play" and the next round "3 wins" starts. So he moves on and on, until the user nicely decorated his aquarium, provided with water pumps and filters and has to swim some beautiful, exotic fish in it. This video shows once again the simple gameplay:

For the biggest fish in the aquarium A download of Fishdom is a nice pastime that is not demanding or complicated and even inexperienced gamers can be found quickly in the game and have the potential to become professionals in it. The design is childlike and cute without being kitschy and sometimes annoying sound, the user can also park on request. These functions round off the neat little game for in between.