Of the clever-recharge Download helps to save money as WebApp motorists. The free online database is certified by the transparency of the market place for fuels and recognized throughout Germany daily fuel prices, allowing quite clear price comparisons between individual stations and regions.

clever-fill download shows a good overview of fuel prices

The clever-recharge Download receives the often today's data from voluntary detectors, gas station operators and through research of its own editorial team. Practical: The Web app offers among other things a so-called proximity search, with which you can compare among others the price of super petrol, diesel and bio-diesel and LPG and natural gas locally on site.

clever-recharge Download

Select Zip code and type of fuel in clever-fill

To start the search radius in clever-recharge, the user simply enters the own zip code or city name and select the desired type of fuel. To select this are Diesel, Super E10, E5 Super, Super Plus, Premium Diesel, truck diesel, LPG, natural gas, bioethanol, biodiesel, vegetable oil, two-cycle and Adblue. The Prices will be sorted by criteria such as date and price. The distance to service stations can also be set. Here, the selection of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 25 kilometers.

Graphical representation of price developments

A graphic shows after clever-recharge Download the price development of the two most sought-after types of fuel diesel and Super E10 within the last three months. Statistics on the anticipated price development of petrol stations and a European comparison of fuel prices complete the WebApp.

clever-fill graphics Download

clever-fill shows cities overviews and European prices

Quite informative is also the "Gasoline price ranking cities", This is a Ranking of the best cities, calculated according to the average fuel prices of the previous day. Who clicks on statistics, receives more graphs on the development of fuel prices. Shown here is the historical development of average prices in the 100 largest cities in Germany, either for Diesel and Super E10. The price developments are for the previous day, for the last week, reading the past month and the past three months in meaningful charts. Furthermore, price comparison tables and graphics to German cities and European countries are available at this point.

No registration needed

Registration with clever-recharge is not required to use the fuel comparison. Those who still registered, has the advantage that it's save petrol favorites and set up a Price Alert can. The user will be notified as soon as the specified desired price is reached. More programs for motorists are available in our software catalog for free download.