With the ALDI Life App customers access the new music flatrate ALDI life to music via smartphone or tablet to millions of songs. Our own favorite music can also save and listen without an internet connection with the based Napster music streaming service.

ALDI Life App with access to 34 million songs and 10,000 audiobooks

The ALDI Life app currently offers access to approximately 34 million songs, 10,000 audiobooks and 4,000 local and global radio stations. Music lovers can look forward to a fairly brisk, commercial-free streaming decent audio quality. To create and manage their own playlists is possible as well as the storage and offline playback of playlists, albums and titles. The maximum sound quality is adjustable for for online and offline mode. Useful is the track match function for identifying unknown songs.

Aldi Life App

Apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone

ALDI live music draws on the well-stocked music offer from Napster. Who wants to test the streaming service must be registered and have 30 days to try out the offer before it is subject to a charge and a monthly subscription price of 7.99 euros will be charged. long-term commitment to the music lover does not have to, because a cancellation is possible each month end. Smartphone users are using the ALDI Life app, available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. It can be connected with an account up to three devices. There is also a web player for the browser for Windows users.

By genre, mood or occasion stocked playlists

The first time the ALDI Life App the prompts to set three genres and up to ten artists of their own favorite music, which you can also skip appears. Who announces his favorite music, is in the playlists at once, the top titles of these artists and bands. The selection of the streaming service does not differ significantly from the other industries sizes. Again, there are assorted playlists by genre, mood or occasion. Of course, you can always compile their own lists. Under the heading tip the user can provide you with editorially supervised recommendations.

Aldi Life App playlists

ALDI Life app provides access to many artists and genres radios

The ALDI Life app makes with the attractive and clear user interface a good impression. Even with the audio books of bibliophile can quite comfortably browse for tips on new releases and classics. The playback quality should of course be adapted to the usage. There preset equalizer, ranging from from a data-saving 64K streaming to the best 320 kilobit sound quality. An additional web radio app is not required because the ALDI Life app already provides access to stations from around the world, including many artists and genres radio.

With track match a music recognition on board, apps like Shazam is similar. The detected by track's songs can be equal to save directly in your own collection or add to the playlist. Those looking for more audio players for free, find it in our well-stocked software offering.

Aldi Life App Streaming