Load the most popular songs as MP3: yaBeat Top 100

Load the most popular songs as MP3: yaBeat Top 100

The yaBeat Top 100 Charts give a good overview of what music is currently very popular. The popular YouTube downloader and converter provides a convenient way to download songs from video sharing sites like YouTube and convert to MP3 format. As show in the following how this works!

yaBeat Top 100 charts with the most popular songs

The yaBeat top lists easier to find popular songs and video clips. In this way, invite music lovers over the yaBeat app download or directly in the Web browser YouTube videos either in MP3 or MP4 format down and listen to them offline comfortable. Who is targeted on the search for specific songs, gives the desired title in the yaBeat search field and selects the hits the right result.

yaBeat Top 100yaBeat Top 100 download MP3 songs at your fingertips

Even easier is digging in the yaBeat Toplists and give a good indication of which music videos and songs are just in download charts. With a push of a button, the selected video clips are quickly and easily converted to the common MP3 format.

Download yaBeat Top 100 songs at your fingertips as MP3

The yaBeat Top 100 charts reveal the 100 most-requested and charged music videos and make them available for download the same by video clips from YouTube and other movie sites like Vimeo, Dailymotion, Vevo & Dailymotion be directly converted into MP3s. The yaBeat download charts show include the title, the artist and also the download speed. Who clicks on the small icon behind it automatically converts the video clip into an MP3 song.

yaBeat Top 100 ChartsThe. YaBeat charts from No. 1 to 100 for download

use batch processing function to download the yaBeat Charts

All MP3 downloads are stored in the used by the users download folder. With the batch processing option be loaded at once several songs. The names of the tracks takes the popular YouTube Converter automatically, so that the music lover also has the same order in his collection of yaBeat Top 100th

iTunes charts with the YouTube videos of the top 100 of iTunes

In addition to the Top 100 Charts iTunes Charts are also at yaBeat as a top 100 of the day available. This is the best YouTube videos about the official Top 100 of iTunes and the user can convert to an MP3 file and copy it on his smartphone again with one click all the videos.

yaBeat iTunes Top 100The iTunes charts with the YouTube videos to the iTunes Top 100

If the yaBeat Top 100 Download legal?

Of course, here also equal to the question of whether yaBeat is legal and whether music lovers the yaBeat Top 100 also may download really legal. The answer: Because YouTube & Co. are allowed as sources for the download, and the download yaBeat is legitimate, even if it certainly is a legal gray area.

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