Easy grade 2023

Easy grade

At the Easy Grade Download is it is a certificate program for primary schools. In addition to more than 30,000 formulation aids that cover nearly all areas of text, it always contains the current certificate templates for primary schools, special schools and secondary schools.

Easy Grade Download with current certificate templates

Teachers and subject teachers can use the testimony software Easy Grade also. The certificate data are particularly easy and comfortable about data backup files as passed by storage on a USB stick back to the school. Just as easily, the school global certificate data and the respective class / student data can be transferred to the teachers. Based on the entered grades and evaluation texts can be followed by the testimony forms printing. For this, there is a varied selection of templates that can be printed on the entire evidence.

Form combinations of checkable areas and free text

Entering the witness data automatically adapts to the respective year of the student. In addition to the certificate management and other print functions exist such as Student lists or music lists. Furthermore, the program is changed to the top notes control. Student data from NRW can be from the school: SVS – for primary schools SchildNRW or a CSV file. Teachers get ready certificate files that can be imported by double, and included all important witness parameters. Criteria-based Ankreuzformulare and form combinations of checkable areas and free text are also on board the testimony software!

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Easy Grade DownloadEasy Grade Download with current certificate templates

Less time spent on preparing the certificates

The testimony of creation is thus treated automated and easier, which means above all a reduction of time and effort when creating the certificates. A big advantage is included to start with Easy extent, by the internal help documentation that describes all aspects of the program in detail and next presentation videos and step by step instructions. Easy Grade can be downloaded free of charge as a trial.

Limitations of Easy Grade

In the demo version, no data of the certificate data can respect. Be changed or added.