are YouTube Converter legal? YouTube is the perfect opportunity to upgrade his music library. But one must actually or you have to expect penalties? We have the answer!

YouTube Converter, there are now a whole lot. Whether online, in software for the PC or as app for mobile devices after downloading the yaBeat: can easily add your favorite songs or entire albums save locally and listen offline. But it can be really legal to download free and songs from the Internet?

YouTube Converter legalMany users are wondering if yaBeat and other YouTube Converter are legal.

Are YouTube Converter legal? Yes and no!

At the moment, users can actually download songs from YouTube, without fear of a warning or a fine. The reason is the so-called private copying. The download but actually is not penalized, but two basic things to note:

  1. The template or site from which you download a title, obviously must not be illegal or unlawful. When YouTube users can expect in the fact that the videos and clips did not land the law on the portal. The situation is different at portals like, Burning Series & Co. of. Here you can provide users certainly expect that they recognize the illegality of the offer. From such sites so you should download any content.
  2. The download created only to be used in a private setting. There must be neither a public demonstration, nor money to be earned with it.

The exact text of the law for private copies for future reference can be found in § 53 of the Copyright Act.

The crux of the matter: The terms and conditions of YouTube

Now you might say, legally YouTube Converter. This does not entirely true. Because the whole thing has a hook (which can, however, deal elegant): The terms and conditions of YouTube. It is namely in section 6:

"You agree to take access to user videos only in the form of streaming and for no other purpose than the purely personal, non-commercial use, [...], but not for a (permanent or temporary) Download a copy a store or a redistribution [...] "

It is thus clear: It is contrary to the downloads of the Terms and may optionally be held accountable by the portal to account. However, there is a small loophole: User do not accept the terms, to watch videos on the portal. So if you do not log on with their Google Account, you can not violate the terms and conditions and use the YouTube Converter legal.For those who want to know more detail, the video of the firm WBS explains the connection again exactly: