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Those who fail more often because completely solve a crossword puzzle, has the Puzzles Help Download a valuable resource to hand. This ensures that the user no longer the teeth hard nut to one or the other term.

Puzzles help download crosswords completely

The database of the puzzles help includes more than 650 000 words for solving crossword puzzles and number, and many other types of puzzles. With the freeware of the puzzles friend can search for terms from 2 to 20 letters. The puzzles also help a specific function on board, forming meaningful words again from jumbled letters.

Text search for number puzzle

Useful is also the text search, which is particularly useful for number puzzle. The database can be edited by the user and extends through online updates. The puzzles help download also includes a mystery training in the form of a game. Here, the user is faced with the task of guessing words.

Puzzles Help Download

Puzzles help with practical search functions

Various search functions are also available. Search function terms is activated by the search button or by typing a letter. It opens automatically once a window where one enters the known letters. The unknown letters are marked with a question mark or a space. Wanted For example, a household with five letters: The first letter is a "S", The 2nd and 3rd letter are unknown, the fourth letter is a "e" and the 5th letter again unknown. Thus the user is S? ? E? and presses the Enter key to start the search. Once the puzzle lexicon spits out 161 possible terms. These range from "scissors". "argument" and "rogue" to exotic terms that surely should have at hand, not every puzzle fan as "Sabena" (Belgian flight-company) or "Salemi (city in Sicily). For every found term free puzzles aid granted a brief explanation.

Specifying a supplementary search text is helpful

Specifying an additional search text is very useful when the user has only one known letters available, but know the question. Those looking for example, a writer with eight letters and knows only the seventh letter is "?????? E?" and the search text "writer" at. The puzzles help lists all writers to eight characters, the seventh one "e" is.

Number of letters can be restricted

In the text search is selected with the left mouse button from the button with the number of letters, so that freeware knows to be where to search. This speeds up the search considerably as not the complete data must be examined by narrowing. Who does not know the number of letters of the term, simply select all the freeware and ransacked the entire lexicon inventory.

Puzzles help download solution

The puzzles help solves number puzzle

In the text box, the term search numbers can be used instead of the known and unknown letters. Like numbers mean the same letters in the word must be present at this point. This feature is particularly suitable for number puzzle in which each number represents a letter.

Speller get on the track

Also for Speller-puzzle of puzzles help download can be used, so if it is a jumble of letters to give a meaningful word. Their order is not relevant here. The freeware lists all possible terms. For unknown characters, the user can enter a space here.

Entries in the puzzle help edit and delete lexicon

New data can be added at any time lexicon. One is the concept and the importance and pressing the Return key. If the term should already exist, it is already displayed as you enter in order to avoid duplicate entries. Who discovered in a record a mistake or disagree with the statement, can change the relevant entry. Simply select and edit with the right mouse button or delete. The puzzles help was formerly shareware and can be used free of charge in the current version as freeware. Further rate games for free download are available in our extensive software offering.

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