Stealthy for Chrome

remain undetected while surfing, watching videos and blocked YouTube blocked access websites: All this allows Stealthy Chrome. The browser extension uses the user with a magic hat and bring back streaming services and YouTube videos that you had to do without for long.

Stealthy Chrome breaks through closures of content

GEMA attenuates due to the closures of YouTube videos not only in many surfing enjoyment. All websites, especially offering streams of music and videos have adjusted their service for access from Germany because GEMA fees. What on German soil "only" a lack of pleasure means in other countries an invasion of civil liberties. Where specific pages such as Facebook or Twitter are blocked by the government, are users powerless next to it. In both cases Stealthy Chrome brings the right solution.

stealthy Chrome

Thus, the Chrome extension for surf freedom ensures

As with most Google Chrome extensions of this type, the add-on content will bring back again by connecting to servers in other countries. By using proxy called page are tricked, access, including the IP address is from another country. In this way, not only the blockade of web content is bypassed - Stealthy Chrome thus simultaneously protect the user. By the procedure can in fact find difficult from where the user now actually came.

Stealthy Chrome Installation

Stealthy is Google's browser on stealth

In order to surf anonymously on the net, the expansion is first downloaded. After downloading simply grant access permission and have the tool is ready for use after a few seconds. This is apparent for the user through the small stealth aircraft icon next to the search bar. If the helper is active or inactive, is illustrated by the color of the icon. After installation Stealthy is initially not yet activated - the icon is colored red in this case. If all content is available, the lock is thus undermined, the airplane icon gets a green dress. To switch to the anonymous mode, simply click on the icon that is true for the deactivation. Little hint: Who wants to consume not just locked content should Disable extension, otherwise with limited connection expected. Say, videos load more accurate and surfing is a slow affair.

Stealthy Chrome Options

Stealthy knows no GEMA Block Music and video fans are well served with add-on for Chrome. The extension brings back reliably locked content and provides along the way for safe browsing. Users who suffered from regime bans, get back a little of their freedom with Stealthy.