GBWhatsApp 2023


After this GBWhatsApp download is users an enriched by numerous functions version of WhatsApp is available. So two accounts can simultaneously performed the upload limit increases and individual themes are created.

After GBWhatsApp download use an adequate alternative WhatsApp Plus

Who mourns by WhatsApp of alternative plus variant after blocking, finally with GBWhatsApp a plan B. With numerous additional functions, the unofficial version of the Messengers clearly offers more freedom than the original:

GBWhatsApp download

Advanced features and individual themes

After GBWhatsApp download User can choose the suitable layout from a wide range of themes. Those who want to create their own theme, can both background image, font and
Customize your size and the color scheme – and provide the template created for download. Apart from the customization options but the free Android tool also quite functional enhancements. So can the online status manipulate screw up the data size for sent videos (30 MB instead of 16 MB) or users can send images in true resolution. In addition, there are nearly twice the number of emoji to give the message more pepper. However, these are not displayed correctly when users of the ordinary What apps – but this is the only weakness in the interaction between the two messengers.

Installing WhatsApp Plus Alternative

Since the tool is not an official extension of WhatsApp, which Originalapp must be removed from the phone before use. Previously, you should create a back-up the chat history in order to transfer them to the GBWhatsApp download on the alternative version. To install the GBWhatsApp in the smartphone security settings must be canceled once, in which software may be installed from unknown sources. In the download folder then find the APK file with the WhatsApp Plus successor can be installed. Then the program as the normal messenger can be started – only with a much wider range of privacy settings, notification options and designs.

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No authorized by WhatsApp application

After the blocking of WhatsApp Plus is clear that the company sees no fun when it comes to spin-off of the Messengers. Even users of GBWhatsApp should also be aware that it was in the past closures of individual user accounts. Although the developers promise of GBWhatsApp to bypass the detection mechanisms – however a guarantee is not. Use of the app at your own risk!