Dircomp provides a quick comparison of individual files or complete directory contents. thus the freeware fills a gap in Windows, which has innately no tool for such a comparison of files and folders on board. Dircomp can be used for version and binary comparisons, that is the one for comparisons of files whose modification date and the other about their actual data content. The files can then be adjusted automatically. The operation is quite simple: Using the mouse you pull each folder in the left and in the right half of the comparison list. DirComp is immediately next to each other all the same files in the respective directories. Now, the user determines whether a date or a binary comparison is to be executed. One more click on "files comparison" and already the gaps between the file name with the respective comparison result crowded. At a date comparison DirComp considered neither file size even -content, but only the last modification date. On request, the comparison result can be copied to the clipboard so that you can process it in any other applications.