With a little effort at all quiz duel solutions

With a little effort at all quiz duel solutions

It is a game like few second: These questions app is still played by many users who want to compete with each other. The competition here is everything – but sometimes you just have to win. The Quiz duel solutions can know in advance as a huge advantage to be. And the way that you always arrive at the right solutions, is not all that difficult.

Quiz duel solutionsThe correct quiz duel solutions must come from? as we know even two ways! (Picture: Editorial / Screenshot)

Quiz Duel is for ages the top of the list of most popular apps – and rightly so. The questions are challenging, but can be answered quite, one must be fixed and the best part: You can not only compete against foreign other players, but to also compete with friends. Who has not yet had the pleasure, but now feels awakened interest in the quiz duel app can download free from us here.

win every game with the right quiz duel solutions

Especially players who are frustrated slowly literally, because the best friend win round by round, want to eventually only one thing: For once again the win! Here engages one or the other probably know this love by unfair means. We have since made us even once smart and came across a way how to win always enough time to come up with the right solutions.

quiz duel solutions cheatingAlthough it is cheating, but now and then the right solution just have her. (Picture: Editorial / Screenshot)

On two distances to quiz duel solutions: 1. The Internet connection

Whether against friends or unknown – a bad losers are all of us once in our quiz duel career. But there are two ways to win a game in any case. The breaking point in the first procedure is time. One gains namely by. Are the requirements for this course not – the only thing you have to do at the right moment, the Internet is issued.

  1. Open the app on your smartphone to start a game.
  2. Then separates the Internet connection, for example by your turn airplane mode. So you stopped at once both Wi-Fi and mobile data transmission.
  3. Is at rest all questions through and remembers you the answers or writes them down.
  4. then switch your Internet connection again. Now you can start the running game from the beginning. The answers are now known yes, so that the game can be won quickly.

However, there are players who report that this approach no longer works easily. So if you have problems, can fall back on the second tip – at least if he has two different phones with different operating systems on hand.

Quiz duel solutions CheatSomething like in the first image does not happen with these tricks – rather, you have just the right solution. (Picture: Editorial / Screenshot)

Everything solve: 2. The double Smartphone

Those lucky enough to have just two smartphones running different operating systems on hand can still use another trick:

  1. Snap up the best Android device and a smartphone with iOS.
  2. Installed on both devices quiz duel and logs you on both with your account.
  3. Open the app on both phones.
  4. Start a game on the iPhone – this will then start on the Android device.
  5. Typed in on the Android quickly any response. The right is displayed.
  6. Typed quickly on the iPhone the right answer to where it will be displayed on the Android phone.

But a warning at the end: While this path does not pose any danger, because you have to download any dubious cheat apps. Nevertheless, one suffers in the long run: the gameplay. Because the goal of the game is indeed to test their own knowledge. you always know everything that the quiz does eventually no fun – especially for the reason that your friends at some point certainly do not want to compete against you. For who is so in the long run, is extremely unfair. But now and then you can maybe access the quiz duel solutions …