With pops again a questionable streaming portal. Unlike or Burning Series there is not just blockbusters or current series, but also TV shows for free streaming at But as the Konkurrenseiten is also to enjoy this with extreme caution. Although users of streaming services are currently in a legal gray area, but the pages themselves are illegal – as well as the download of copyrighted titles. offers the complete range of entertainment

If one is looking for recent films, a particular series episode or a classic, you will soon find on this page. The offer ranges from blockbusters that have been launched just in the cinema, on the current series to numerous television shows and Ab-18 offers. The site offers numerous filters that certain titles can be found specifically. XXX strips are even available for download – with which to use our offer to make, however, a criminal offense. Indeed, contrary to stream in which only a temporary copy is created, it is permanently in a download. While making copies for private use in itself is not an offense, but they must come from a legal source. In that’s not the case. The site is considered to be illegal. On the download offer users should avoid so as far as possible.

Registration and login required

Unlike sites like or Burning Series is user must register with and register with each use. Why the portal doing so, it is unclear inspire confidence, it is certainly not. For this, the site offers the option via the button: VPN to surf anonymously on the Internet and to encrypt its IP. Secure way to disguise its data, however, should access to reliable proxy server or the browser target.

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I make myself liable to prosecution if I run the site?

Calling the site itself is not punishable. Streaming watch movies, you find yourself as a user currently in a legal gray zone. Currently Nutzr who watch titles via streaming, not punished by the law nor reprimanded by clever lawyers. However, here the final verdict is still out. The fact that even when streaming a copy is made – even if only temporary, could be used against the user of streaming portals such Then expect a warning wave by various firms. threatened now illegal and warnings with substantial fines are users who download the movies. Even if it should still be so tempting to have a title on the hard disk, which is strongly discouraged. Who – as recommended by the editorial urgency – want to stay on the side of the law, can in the article: These alternatives experienced legal streaming, also provide that free portals films and series full-length available without having to be punishable have to do.