Minecraft: Pocket Edition 2023

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Minecraft fans and -Jünger get the indie game – as the name suggests – for your pocket. With the Minecraft: Pocket Edition APK for Android devices or iOS version for iPhones and iPads, it is possible for them when and where they want to craft to build huge worlds and fight threatening NPCs.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition APK – the adventure goes mobile continues

The open world without a fixed predetermined clearance target, which was developed by the Swedish company Mojang has definitely achieved cult status. The 2009 first published as PC version game has sold more than 120 million times, making it one of the best-selling computer and video games worldwide. The community that has built up around the pixelated blocks game is huge. On YouTube alone, one can observe that in addition to dozens of tutorials and all areas of film music to attractions are transferred to Minecraft and were.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition APKMinecraft: Pocket Edition APK brings the indie game on the smartphone (Picture: Mojang AB / Editorial)

Entertaining indie open world in versions for iOS and Android

In Minecraft is just as entertaining as tricky indie open world. This was created by Swedish programmer Markus Notch Persson. In 2014 he sold his company Mojang and the rights to the game for proud 2.5 billion US dollars to Microsoft. First, the game was released on May 10, 2009 for the PC, now there are additional versions for iOS and Android, and also a port to consoles in cooperation with 4J Studios.

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Minecraft: Pocket Edition with five different game modes and four difficulty levels

The Minecraft gameplay is as simple as it is ingenious: The gamer builds structures made mostly cube-shaped blocks in a huge 3D world that he can explore himself. It collects valuable resources fighting against monsters and processes the blocks and other objects on. Several different game modes in Minecraft both in single and multiplayer mode is important.

So you can in the creative mode diligently create large structures. In survival mode and in Hardcore mode, it is all about gathering resources. There is also Adventure Mode for playing Adventure Maps and spectator mode. The player has the choice of four levels of difficulty, for example, disable the appearance of monsters.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition APK game worldHave fun preparing the exploration and discovery of Mindecraft game world (Image: Mojang AB)

Crafting: combining the objects as a central aspect in Minecraft

Although there is no fixed predetermined play goal and the focus is on the exploration and discovery of the game world, Minecraft is called "Success “as the tasks ahead, to facilitate the entry into the game. Minecraft is played from a first person perspective. However, the gamer can also switch to the third-person perspective. The blocks can be combined, enabling the construction of tools, weapons and other items. Armor.

This "crafting" So combining items is the special attraction in Minecraft. The player must be a case think twice about how he arranges certain raw materials in a Craftingfeld to transform them into new items. An inventory system is integrated. The player can store up to 36 different objects and use. the experience points with which items can be enchanted, making them stronger and more durable are important.


Minecraft game world with three dimensions

In the Minecraft game world following three dimensions exist:

  • The upper world with trees, lakes etc. Here the player starts.
  • The Nether as hell-like world that can be reached through portals
  • The end, where the final dragon will be defeated as bosses.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition APK AndroidThe Minecraft world consists of blocks. (Image: Mojang AB)

Minecraft: Pocket Edition APK now as equal mobile version

Thus Minecraft-worshipers are not tied exclusively to their PC and the game on smartphones & Tablets can play, mobile versions have been published. In addition to an iOS version is also known as Minecraft: Pocket Edition Android. Pure content, the player has hardly give up something he knows from the PC version here. Initially, the Pocket version was still a stripped down version of the video game. But the developers have gradually replenished new features, so that it is in the Minecraft: today at an equal rank game is Pocket Edition APK – just for mobile devices.

Different modes in Minecraft: Pocket Edition Android

Minecraft PE provides its players also an infinite game world available that can make every player on his terms. In addition, you can plunge into new adventures ever. As usual, bringing the game for it with various game modes. So you can diligently gather resources in creative mode on and off dangerous NPCs in survival mode. For this purpose also efficient weapons and good armor one must first of course have gecraftet.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition APK modesAs with the PC version of Minecraft PE brings different modes. (Image: Mojang AB)

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New in PE: Story mode Skinpaket

A plus point on the Minecraft: Pocket Edition APK is in any case that the developers are constantly introducing new features and gimmicks. For example, the story mode Skinpaket was integrated. This enables the user to to dress your character with one of about 27 skins. In addition, a free card for the gamer has been provided, in which he can let off steam. The latest update includes the Skinpakete Power Rangers and strangers.

Of course, gamers can decide as usual even if they only explore the infinite worlds and want to conquer or would you rather take this together with friends. So Minecraft Friends can also form teams to help each other.

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