WhatsApp Plus Material

WhatsApp Plus Material

The WhatsApp Plus Material App combines the advanced features of Messenger WhatsApp Plus with a modern material design.

WhatsApp Plus Material app – chat with a new look

The WhatsApp Messenger also enjoys following the acquisition by Facebook popularity. However, many users have disturbed the limited functionality or boring style. Clones Plus and MD attended this variety.

In the Plus version users had many additional smileys individual themes and advanced settings in the data protection area to choose from. The makers of the MD-variant, however, put in a new graphic that stylistically approached to the material design. However, the rights holder was legal action against the developers of both copies and banned the popular extensions.

The WhatsApp + MD software provides a new modified version of the Messengers and combines many functions of both clones.

WhatsApp Plus Material App

Features in WhatsApp Plus Material

Right next to the installation of WhatsApp Plus APK material, the new look is striking. The color scheme and overall feel are adapted to the new look of Android.

The profile pictures of contacts appear in a stylish circular format and display the original look old. To navigate the round plus sign is selected, appear whereupon corresponding icons for themes, a new broadcast, a new group or a new chat.

Also the actual chat gets a new style. In addition to the modern designed speech bubbles the avatar of the speaker always appears. This feature is especially handy just in lively group chats, as now can be assigned to the predicted individual at first glance people.

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WhatsApp Plus Material App Chat

The colors of the bubbles and the background can be adjusted as desired thanks to WhatsApp Plus base. For a variety of fonts, color schemes and backgrounds very individual themes are created.

Users do not have to give up the greater choice of WhatsApp Plus smileys in this Messenger also: whether Google Hangouts emoji, or memes, all of them can be found in the MD Plus variant again.

Messenger in a legal gray area

When WhatsApp Plus Material app is an unofficial version of the popular Messenger. Users of the two extensions Plus and MD were reprimanded by the manufacturer with account lockouts in 24 hours. Although the code is said to have been extended as WhatsApp Plus material so that it is not recognized as a third-party, but there is not a guarantee for it.

Those who prefer to be on the safe side, found a wide range of software from reputable manufacturers in the download area for Messenger and VoIP programs.