Monster Legends 2023

Monster Legends

But ever even raised that – has fought against monsters sure everyone already? That is the job of the player Monster Legends app. The free Android Game brings around 180 types of monsters on the smartphone or tablet that must be tamed and bred to fight giants.

Monster Legends app searches skillful Monster Breeder

The Spanish team of developers Social Point probably had enough of games where users always have only compete against beasts. In its free-to-play game they put the cart before the horse from behind and make the wild creatures of the protagonists of the game. The task of gamers, then, is to breed monsters to tame, to cross and make fearless, powerful fighter from them.

Monster Legends app

Monster Legends can Facebook be gambled on iOS and Android devices. The offered download is the Android version that can be installed on devices from version 4.0.

Monster Legends Android monster as far as the eye can see

Who dives into the world of Monster Legends app should be prepared that there lurking monsters in many different variants at each corner. Even now, the game brings some 180 different types on the mobile device and get weekly new ones.

Monster Legends app selection

The user now has to create the task itself monsters that are able to turn off any opponent. This means that the breeding program of the monster aims to make a good fighter from the creature. Skills must be learned and expanded. The user can also also his opinion cross by strongest monsters and new from this unprecedented created creatures.

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Monster Legends app breeding

Monstrous fights and different modes

Which in no way comes up short in the Monster Legends Android application are action-packed fights. During the countless violent 3-on-3 battles can already go let it fly to the point.

In addition, the user decides whether his Monster Breeding is to go on an adventure rather where it is sent across the adventure map. Or you send your creature straight into the arena to fight. Both modes require the gamer and his protégé from a lot of tactics, endurance and trained skills.

Team-wars can to join to existing where gamers create new teams or have also been newly introduced. The wars are divided into a preparation and the attack and allow each five attacks. Who fights well, can collect war medals and so acquire very special monster.